5 training partners that will get you motivated

Let’s face it – exercising alone can get tedious. A training partner makes a workout more fun and keeps you motivated. Unfortunately, training buddies tend to let you down and it’s left up to you to get to the gym. Well, we’ve collated a list of 5 training partners that will never leave your side…

1. The devil on your shoulder

The devil on your shoulder is to working out as Club Mate is to Berlin. This little voice inside your head says “It’s cold outside. Let’s get pizza and watch Peaky Blinders.”

Now think of the satisfaction of standing up to this voice. Every time you hear it, see it as a challenge to overcome. Then, once you’re in the gym, you can feel the satisfaction of being the master of your own (workout) destiny.

2. Your neighbour

Who makes a better workout buddy than your next-door neighbour? If you don’t know each other yet, just pop around with some freshly baked cookies, introduce yourself and suggest you become each other’s (almost) live-in personal trainers.

This way, on a cold March evening when you’re struggling to fight the temptation to watch Peaky Blinders, your neighbour can knock on the door and make sure you get to the gym. You can go out together, work out together, and go home together. Perfect!

3. Ubeeqo

It’s 6pm and you have a choice – to go home or to workout. It’s too chilly to catch the S-Bahn and way too cold to cycle. But there’s a third option – download the Ubeeqo app, reserve a car, hop in and drive.

All you need to do is chuck your gym kit in the boot and rock up to one of the Urban Sports Clubs partners (tip: Jazz Dance really brightens a cold winter evening.) The best part is the lovely, warm car will be waiting for you when you’re done so you can drive comfortably home. Now that’s a motivating training buddy…

4. The hotty you check out on the gym floor

This is arguably the funnest part of working out. You know their schedule – that they love an early morning yoga class or a Monday evening training session. You may not know eachothers names or hobbies but there is an unspoken connection there.

Every session motivates you to train harder to impress your gym Cinderella (Gymderella if you like). So when you find your motivation lagging, think of how disappointed they’ll be not to see you on the gym floor.

5. Ubeeqo (again)

Urban Sports Club has tons of partners outside the big cities, too. With the Ubeeqo app you can hire a car and get out of town for the weekend.

You can visit one of Urban Sports Clubs rock-climbing partners or go hiking in the beautiful German countryside. Hire a Golf 7 for €40 per day and fill up the seats with your closest mates – save Berghain for next weekend!


In case you’re still looking for workout buddies, sign up for one of our Facebook community groups (derzeit für Hamburg, Berlin, Köln oder München)! Feel free to invite your friends too 😉


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