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Every two years sports takes center stage (unless it’s delayed by COVID). The world’s greatest athletes come together for the Summer and Winter Games to inspire millions of people around the world with their outstanding performances. And if you’d rather not watch from the sidelines, perhaps these incredible events will inspire you to try one of these sports too!

To get you even more inspired, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the brand new sports taking place at the Summer Games this year. And the good news is you can try almost all of them with Urban Sports Club. Our partners tell us what’s special about these sports and how they help train your body and mind – so you can do more than just cheer in front of the TV, you can try it for yourself and discover something new in your city.

Competitive climbing

For the first time, competitive climbers can take part in the Summer Games. Women and men can get involved in the combined discipline, which is made up of three pillars: Speed, Bouldering and Lead. In bouldering, for example, the athletes have to complete a course within four minutes.

You don’t have to be quite so quick when you climb with our partners. With Urban Sports Club, the focus is on having fun. “Climbing is so much fun and really pushes my personal limits,” says Nick from Urban Apes in Hamburg. “Bouldering is the perfect full-body workout. You workout your fingers, lower and upper arms and the body has to balance, bend, flex and work under tension.”

Maite from Chimpanzodrome in Cologne adds “I love how every age group is represented in bouldering. From kids to grandparents, everyone can reach their peak performance and stay fit at the same time.”
Want to find out where you can go bouldering? Check out what’s happening in Berlin or in your own city by customizing the top navigation bar.


From the climbing wall to the water: this year’s Summer Games is all about surfing. 20 men and 20 women will be competing for medals over several rounds divided into individual sections (heats). Deciding factors include difficulty of maneuvers, speed, creativity, versatility and strength. Daniel from the Warnemünde Supreme Surfschule knows all about life on the board. “The feeling of happiness that comes from gliding with a wave fascinates me and makes me completely forget the effort of paddling on,” he says.

Strength is key here. Surfing doesn’t just look good – it strengthens the entire body. “Especially the deep muscles,” Daniel says. “The whole body gets a workout from surfing.” So what are you waiting for? Get out on the water and experience a full body workout!


Karate’s another new addition to the Summer Games sports program, including the sub-disciplines Kata and Kumite. In Kata, athletes demonstrate various attack and defense techniques including punches and kicks alone on the mat. In Kumite, two athletes fight against each other on an 8×8 meter mat.

Karate is fantastic physical conditioning and endurance and trains agility. When you practice karate you train many different muscle groups at the same time, making it a full body workout. But karate does more than just build muscle – it serves to connect the mind and body and  teaches important values such as respect, courtesy, honesty, self-control, attention and discipline. Want to give it a try? Try Karate in Berlin at Shinzen Dojo or in Cologne at Karate Dojo Funakoshi.

Break dance

© Dirk Mathesius / Red Bull Content Pool

Let’s look to the future. In 2024 breakdance is set to make its debut at the Summer Games. 32 break dancers will compete in 1-on-1 hip-hop freestyle competitions. They need to meet six criteria: technique, diversity, performativity, musicality, creativity and personality. 

Personality and creativity in particular are crucial components, as Mikel from Flying Steps Academy in Berlin explains. “The special thing about breakdance is that you’re completely free to create what you like. It’s more than just dance – it’s a lifestyle that defines your life. For me it’s about creativity and passing on our culture.” Mikel is the state coach for Berlin and says the physical component plays an important role. “The different dance styles give you a whole-body workout with a high fun factor! The sessions are really beneficial in terms of endurance.”

Want to try one or more of these sports? Then turn off the TV and get on the board, mat or wall! Find more inspiration and tons of activities here.


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