Don’t do it alone! Let’s stay #activetogether

Staying at home is the order of the day in Germany, which means we’re limited to doing exercise inside the house. But, with online classes, you can stay fit with your community while supporting your favorite partners. So let’s stay #activetogether!

The treadmills are still, the mats are empty and the weights are stacked away. But, just because our gyms are closed, it doesn’t mean we can’t sweat together! In these uncertain times it’s never been more important to stick together as a community.

Let’s stay us #activetogether! Every time you check-in to one of our online classes, 80% of the fee is distributed to our partners – including those that can’t be adapted to an online format.

Fitness coaches like Simon Müller from Sankt Pauli Athletik are in front of the camera every day to make sure you stay active and healthy. And these live workouts are just as motivating and fun as they are in real-life. We’re very thankful to coaches like Simon who are keeping us fit and healthy, and we’re glad we can keep our communities motivated and thriving.
So we caught up with Simon to find out how he’s enjoying his new job…

Admittedly, the idea of dialing into a workout online took a bit of getting used to – but how do you feel about it?

Right now, the sports facilities that are closed are dependent on others for support. We’re not able to offer our usual sports range – but we can offer cross and strength training, yoga, Pilates and relaxation exercises as usual. It’s pushed us to reinvent ourselves and, in my opinion, I see the current situation as a great opportunity.

Thanks to Urban Sports Club, we were able to adapt our product into a virtual offer within a very short time. The format is totally different to our original one, but it still works very well. Plus the live online courses allow us to continue to hold on to our vision of training and community.

How are the Live Online courses being received by the community?

Our established members are very enthusiastic. I think they feel so passionate about the Live Online courses because of the social interaction. The virtual workout makes you feel connected even during this time of social distance and our members talk to each other for up to half an hour after the workout.

We get a lot of positive feedback regarding the physical fitness of the trainees. Due to the fact that, apart from the normal everyday items, there isn’t much equipment available, our members have to train differently.

For most of them it’s completely new to train with their own bodyweight instead of dumbbells, but it’s been very popular with the community and every week there are more and more participants. It is nice to be part of something that’s being received with such enthusiasm.

In your opinion, how important is cohesion within the community right now?

When it comes to sports, a sense of unity was and still is essential! Especially in these times, every single one of us can feel the importance of being part of a group  – and working out together is a great way of feeling that sense of unity.

Plus it’s an opportunity to try something new – and it’s only when you reach out your hand to others that you can truly pull together! Together we are stronger. Let’s make the best of it!

Become part of our community! Let’s stay #activetogether. It’s easy: post your workout under the hashtag #activetogether and tag @urbansportsclub on Instagram. Not only will you keep yourself fit, you’ll stay motivated and inspire others to stay active at home.

Picture ©Simon Müller


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