How to get the job you want in 2020

New year, new decade…new job? The end of one year and the beginning of another is the perfect time to reflect on your career, your development, and your plans for the future. With an increased number of jobseekers in January, we sat down with our Recruiting team to find out what candidates can do to stand out in the hiring process. Check out their can’t-miss advice below on how to land the job you want in 2020. 

“Deeply analyze what you really like to do and what you’re able to do. Discover your talent, do it with passion, and be strategic.”

           -Francesca Bascialla, HR and Office Manager Assistant

“Get an impression of what the company is like before you apply. Start by looking at the company’s social media profiles — the tone of the company’s content will tell you what kind of organization it is and their values. Try to figure out what kind of people work there and ask yourself if you match that environment.”

          -Ilaria Cortassa, HR Manager Italy 

“Be sure to showcase your most relevant experience towards the top of your CV. I read a lot of CV’s where the most current and relevant positions are stated at the bottom of the page. This is not only more time-consuming for me to read, but also doesn’t make as strong a first impression. Secondly, feel free to shorten your CV to 1 page and feature only the roles that have given you a strong basis for the role to which you’ve applied.” 

         -Sonja Grabner, Candidate Experience Coordinator 

“At Urban Sports Club we are happy to give career changers a chance, but it can be tough for us recruiters to understand why candidates want to change direction professionally. Write a detailed cover letter explaining your motivation to change; it will add value to your application and help us better understand you and your career aspirations!” 

-Melissa Kӧth, Junior Recruiter

“Throughout the hiring process, the best thing we can do is be as honest and transparent as possible. We have limited time to get to know each other, so make the best of it by ensuring you share similar values with the company. There is nothing better than working for a company whose mission you believe in!”

     -Manuela Arós, Recruitment Manager 

Verify that the values of the organization truly resonate with yours. This will remind you that as much as the company is interviewing you for a position, you are equally interviewing them to determine whether there would be a good cultural fit.” 

  -Jane Kim, Business Recruiting Partner 

“Approach the interview as a two-way street and communicate honestly! Don’t be afraid to voice questions and concerns that come up during the hiring process. It’s in a company’s best interest to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Moreover, if you have found the right company but the job is missing something you were expecting, don’t be afraid to ask for more info. Very few roles are 100% rigid, so if there is an aspect missing which would turn a great job into the perfect one, speak openly about it with your recruiter and hiring team.” 

     -Samantha Topuzes, Senior Tech Recruiting Partner 

“Ask yourself what you really want to know about the job and prepare questions to find out. You’d be surprised how many interviewees don’t have any questions, which can come across as disinterested. In the first interview, aim to ask 2-3 questions.”

          -Andy Dormanns, Junior Recruiter 

“In addition to standard steps, check out Eventbrite,, or Facebook events and find interesting meetups and conferences to attend. These will help you grow professionally and give you the chance to stand out from the crowd. Conferences, meetups, and events allow you to get to know potential teammates in an informal atmosphere where you can demonstrate your passion for a specific topic, company, or role.”

-Lena Grekova, Tech Recruiter 

“Don’t forget that you’re applying for a specific position. It’s important to show interest for the company, but it is essential to show how well you fit the vacant position. During initial interviews, remember to share your excitement about our product and the job itself.” 

-Ronald Nzuzi, Recruiter 

“Once you’ve found a company you like, do your homework! Crafting a personalized cover letter, researching company values and team structure, and acquainting yourself with your interviewers’ profiles illustrates your motivation and enthusiasm for the role.

Finally, during the interview, try to back-up your answers with specific past situations and accomplishments. Recruiters like hearing how you handled various cases in the past to help you achieve your goals!”

-Marko Marinkovic, Tech Recruiting Partner 

“When writing a cover letter, it’s best to include at least 1-2 sentences about Urban Sports Club, or whatever company to which you are applying. It may sound vain, but it leaves the impression that you put some extra thought into your application. And it’s all about first impressions!

Once you’ve entered the recruiting process, know that we understand interviewing can be stressful! We have all been there and know what it feels like. It’s okay to be nervous. You didn’t hear it from me, but sometimes even interviewers are nervous meeting a candidate. If you don’t understand a question, ask for more context or an example. It’s also okay to take a deep breath and think about your answer, sometimes it’s actually better to structure your thoughts before you dive in. Finally, even though a role might be your dream job, try to think of every job interview as a step towards improving your interview skills, no matter the result.” 

                -Stefanie Zielke, Senior Non-Tech Recruiting Partner 

Ready to put these tips to use? Check out our open positions and help us inspire people to lead a healthy and active life. 


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