We inspected the training habits of Germany’s USC members… here’s what we found

North, south, east and west: whatever the direction, Germany loves sports! But we were curious to find out a little bit more about the training habits of the USC community in Germany. For example – does Bavaria love to boulder and does Cologne love to salsa? What’s Frankfurt’s favourite sport and how often do Hamburger’s hit the gym?

Full of curiosity, we decided to take a little look into the habits of our energetic and active community to find out exactly how USC Deutschland likes to train…

Our sports hotspots 

USC are proud to give you access to over 50 different sports. There’s a whole world of activities waiting to be explored – but we were curious to know which sport is the most popular and where. Here’s what we discovered…

The Hamburg community prefers to pedal! In the north of Germany spin classes take the number one spot.

Down south the people in Munich love to put on their dancing shoes. Whether it’s saucy salsa, cool hip hop or perfectly poised ballet, the USCers of Munich love to dance. 

The Frankfurt and Wiesbaden communities, on the other hand, are a little bit more chilled and prioritise wellness and cryotherapy when it comes to health and wellbeing.

And Leipzig and Cologne are a little left-field. They love to go canoeing, kayaking and paddling! Would you have guessed which sport is number one in your city?

Your favourite day to sweat

We know how hard you work during the week and we know that the weekend is for relaxing and partying – which is why we weren’t surprised to find that Sunday is a particularly quiet day on the fitness front in ALL of our German cities. From Bremen to Berlin, Freiburg to Frankfurt, all of you would choose a long, lazy breakfast (or try to get into Berghain for the third time) over flexing your muscles. Germany –  we admire the consistency.

The most popular day of the week to hit the gym is Wednesday –  that’s the most popular day to check-in for most of our German cities.

But the community in Bochum, Duisburg and Freiburg like to start their week with a bang – so Monday wins as the most popular day for sports in these regions. 

The most active month of the year

Let’s be honest – in winter, the sports routine has a hard time competing with mince pies and mulled wine. Especially as we have a long wait until summer body season. So light lunches and healthy dinners are replaced with Käse Spatzl and heart-warming Knödel. So it’s not a surprise to see that the entirety of Germany puts fitness to one side in December. The USC community would rather check-in to sofa and Netflix than burpees and box jumps. 

Which is a big contrast to January. That’s when everyone hop, skips and jumps into the new year, super motivated to reach their fitness goals and achieve that beach body. In January every yoga studio, bouldering gym, swimming hall and pilates class is slightly busier. Is anyone surprised that the average number of check-ins per month goes through the ceiling in January?

But when February hits your motivation goes down a little – maybe it’s those short days and dark evenings that makes us want to curl up in bed rather than hit the gym. 

But you don’t let go entirely, and all the way up to summer people are busy training, swimming and meditating. And then the warm season finally arrives and you choose holidays over sports. But hey, you worked for it!

All eyes on: the most active German USC city

Congratulations dear Nuremberg community! You are by far the most active city. We are proud of you and your sporting lifestyle. Keep it up!

Everyone else, don’t feel bad: just being part of the USC community makes you a hero in our eyes, regardless how often you hit the gym.

Closely following Nuremberg as the most active USC city comes Dresden and Leipzig, who are almost neck and neck when it comes to fitness fanatics. A short distance behind is Düsseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt brings up the rear in our top 10 most active cities.

The BIG question

Who’s more active – men or women?

First of all let’s say that we’re impressed with all of you! No matter if you workout once a week or five times a week, whether you’re a man or a woman, a teenager or a grandmother. You’re all part of the USC family and we are deeply impressed by your active lifestyle.

But the answer to the big question is (drumroll…) 

Men and women do almost the same amount of sport per week! 

However, men are currently ahead of women by just 4.96% of check-ins overall. Don’t worry ladies, we know you’ll catch up in no time!

We love sport just as much as you do! If you want to discover new partners and sports, just check out our blog or website for inspiration and ideas for your next workout.

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