Urban Sports Club city trip – a sporty weekend in Berlin

Spring is approaching – and with it, finally, the opportunity to plan great short trips in beautiful weather. And which city is better suited for this than our capital? Here you can discover everything – art, culture, nightclubs, the best food, and much more. Why not make the trip even more varied this time and include unique sports activities? Add variety and fun to your trip and discover the coolest sports activities in Berlin with Urban Sports Club. Also, check out our guide to where to find the most delicious food and which sights and insider tips you shouldn’t miss in Berlin.



Our city tour starts in Mitte – probably the most touristy part of Berlin. But don’t worry, even here we have a few undiscovered highlights for you to escape the hustle and bustle a bit. But before you get started with the goodies, it’s time to get physically active!

Face a tough workout at BEAT81

BEAT 81 Berlin City Trip

With BEAT81, you will experience a high-intensity group workout. Motivated coaches will cheer you on while you give your all during the 45-minute functional workout. Your heart rate is measured and displayed on a screen, so you can always keep an eye on it and train in your optimal frequency range. You can even view the results online afterward, and we promise you one thing: the food tastes even better when you earn it.

Take a detour into Mexican-Californian cuisine

Just a short walk away from BEAT81, the Berlin couple Anna and Ferdi invite you to their lovingly decorated restaurant. Burritos, tacos, and salads – Chupenga knows what tastes good. The cool thing? You can combine everything according to your wishes from fresh ingredients and enjoy it. You’re sure to regain energy after your workout in the restaurant’s modern atmosphere. Another thing that’s worth doing after dinner: a short trip to the Gendarmenmarkt. It is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin. There you will find the Schauspielhaus and the German and French cathedrals.

Experience an old border crossing at first hand

Checkpoint Charlie is a former inner-German border crossing. It used to connect Mitte’s eastern district with Kreuzberg’s western district and is only a few minutes’ walk from Chupenga. Nowadays, there is a faithful replica of the border crossing here. Afterward, it’s worth taking a stroll along Friedrichstraße.

At JOHN & JANE’S POWERBASE the motto is “Burn harder”


You haven’t had enough yet and want even more adrenaline for your body? Then we recommend a further walk across Museum Island to JOHN & JANE’S POWERBASE. At the bootcamp, the most effective workout in Berlin is waiting for you. In the 60-minute HIIT workout, you’ll burn up to 1,000 calories and experience a great after-workout-happy feeling afterward. What are you waiting for?

Eat in the urban ambiance of The Reed

After your sweaty workout, you can drop right into one of the comfortable chairs at The Reed and grab a bite to eat in the exclusive ambiance. The stylishly decorated restaurant places great emphasis on sustainability and regional products. It’s just the thing to help you regain your strength.

Enjoy the view of and from the TV tower

Fernsehturm Berlin City Trip

One landmark that everyone probably immediately associates with the city of Berlin is the TV Tower. The 250-meter-high tower juts out between the buildings and is an impressive sight even from the ground perspective. From the top, the view over the city is simply stunning! But not only from there: You can enjoy an equally great panorama over drinks from the Park Inn, right next door. Just a few meters away is the listed Nikolai Quarter. Berlin’s oldest residential area was almost entirely destroyed during World War II, but was completely rebuilt in the 1980s. With small cafés and stores, the quarter invites you to take a stroll.


Our city tour continues – now through Neukölln. Here you can travel around the world in terms of taste for little money. We promise you that you’ll never get tired of good hummus and delicious falafels. But also here it is said: It tastes best after sports. So start your tour sporty and active.

To the boulder, ready, go

Bouldergarten Berlin City Trip

The Bouldergarten offers you enough space to let off steam on 2,300 square meters and three levels – regardless of whether you’re just starting out with bouldering or are already a bit more advanced. The climbing walls have a height of 12 meters and next to them there is a separate course area. Here, the owners put a lot of passion into screwing the routes and creating a great flair with a stylish interior. In addition, bouldering is the perfect way to get active together. So why not grab your sports buddy and go out to eat together afterwards?

Can you resist those burgers?

What comes better after bouldering than a juicy burger at berlin burger international? This little burger joint is always busy – and rightly so. Because the tasty creations are really irresistible and something very special.

And since we promised you the best hummus, …

…we don’t want to deprive you of Azzam. So if you’re in the mood for Lebanese cuisine, you can try your hand at Oriental cuisine here.

Take a walk to the three-country corner

After you’ve filled your belly, a digestive walk comes at just the right time. It’s not far from there to the Dreiländer-Eck. Kreuzberg, Neukölln, and Treptow meet here and invite you to take a walk and lie in the sun, especially in good weather.

Feasting with a view over the city

The Klunkerkranich is THE address for a great rooftop location. On the roof of a shopping mall, you have a breathtaking view over Berlin, which evokes feelings of happiness, especially in the evening sun. And the Kantine zum Fetten Finken underscores the atmosphere with its culinary delights. Seasonal dishes are served here throughout the day. From breakfast to lunch to dinner, you can enjoy it here.

Meet half of Berlin on an old airport site

As soon as the sun comes out, many Berliners meet at Tempelhofer Feld to barbecue, sunbathe or play sports on the massive tarmac of the former Berlin airport. The area is mainly overgrown with grass, so the meadows invite you to picnic. If you’re more in the mood for exercise, you can rent a bike, explore the area by bike, watch windsurfers practicing, or fly a kite yourself. Urban Sports Club partners offer classes there on warmer days – from bootcamp to yoga to dancing.


For now, our city tour ends in one of the hippest districts: Kreuzberg. You can’t get enough of cute cafés, restaurants, and green spaces here. But before you retreat to one of the restaurants, start with power!

Work out in the heart of Berlin

Black Sheep Athletics Berlin

For Black Sheep Athletics, the foundation of health and self-confidence is threefold: intense workouts, good food, and stress management. That’s why the studio offers a variety of classes: from CrossFit® to yoga, and altitude training to Krav Maga. You’ll definitely find a class you like here.

Fall in love with Asian fusion

After your workout, you’ve more than earned it. Umami will make your heart beat faster for delicious curries and soups. Everything is prepared from fresh organic ingredients and served in a cozy atmosphere. Here creativity meets tradition, and the result is delicious creations.

The hidden green jewel of Berlin’s city center

Kreuzberg is located in the Viktoriapark, which can be reached wonderfully on foot. With its rushing waterfall, here you can relax in the greenery from the city noise and experience a piece of nature, which rounds off your stay in Berlin. The park also offers the perfect place to enjoy the sunset at the highest point of Berlin’s city center.

With our sportive, culinary, and cultural tips, you get a little insight into the capital city’s flair and get the desire to visit Berlin yourself soon or to discover it for yourself anew.

Do you have more exciting tips? Maybe for some other parts of Berlin? We look forward to your suggestions in the comments!


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