Budget-friendly Sports and 8 More Tips for Winter on a Shoestring

Brrrr – do you feel that too? Winter is almost here, and with it comes the perfect chance to spice up the chilly weather with an extra dose of fun. But don’t worry, your wallet doesn’t have to suffer in the process. We’ve got a few tips for you on how to make the most of the cold season without sending your bank account into hibernation – whether it’s about budget-friendly sports or relaxing cinema evenings. Psst: We also have two small surprises up our sleeve!

Tip 1: Ice Skating Tour around the City

Budget-friendly Sports and 8 More Tips

Who says ice skating has to be expensive? Explore free or budget-friendly ice rinks in various neighborhoods and turn it into a tour – turning the cold into a cool ride through the city. If you have your own skates, you can even glide on some frozen ponds and lakes – but be cautious! Always ensure that the ice is properly frozen. If that seems uncertain, you can experience the ultimate ice skating adventure with your Urban Sports Club membership, discovering ice rinks all around you.

Tip 2: Free Concerts, Jams, and DJ Sessions in Small Venues

Budget-friendly Sports and 8 More Tips

As the cold sets in, the concert scene also comes to life, offering plenty of affordable or even entirely free musical treasures. Just drop by the local bars and clubs to experience live music. Our secret tip: Many jazz, blues, and rock bars don’t charge an entry fee. A refreshing drink is all it takes to immerse yourself in the music – sounds like the perfect winter evening, doesn’t it?

Tip 3: Street Food Safari at Markets

Budget-friendly Sports and 8 More Tips

No need for expensive restaurant meals! Try visiting a market hall or a regular market during the winter. Free entry and affordable delicacies make for a great outing. Whether you’re after savory specialties or sweet treats, street food markets offer plenty of options without spending all your budget. Stroll among the stalls and explore culinary highlights.

Tip 4: DIY Winter Wellness at Home

Budget-friendly Sports and 8 More Tips

Create your personal wellness oasis within your own four walls. From budget-friendly DIY face masks to relaxing warm baths with affordable bath additives – do something for yourself and your comfort without spending much. And for those who want to invest a little extra and make a long-term commitment to their nutrition, especially during the winter: Benefit as an Urban Sports Club member from an exclusive discount on the Foundational Nutrition Supplement AG1 products, enabling you to have many more days of comfort during the winter!


Enhance your nutrition, especially during winter, with AG1! 

In the cold season, balanced nutrition is particularly important. AG1 provides you with many essential vitamins, minerals, bacterial cultures, antioxidants*, a mushroom complex, and ingredients from natural foods to support your health and physical well-being. With over 70 ingredients, AG1 supports not only your immune system but also your energy and hormone balance**. As an Urban Sports Club member, you’ll receive a yearly supply of Vitamin D3+K2 and 5 convenient Travel Packs for free with every initial subscription order. Click here and discover how AG1 easily supports you and your nutrition through the winter!

*With vitamins E and C, as well as riboflavin, zinc, copper, and selenium, AG1 helps protect cells from oxidative stress.
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Tip 5: Budget-friendly Sports and Wellness Enjoyment

Neptunbad Urban Sports Club
Neptunbad in Cologne – Urban Sports Club

Winter wouldn’t be complete without some sporting highlights! Instead of sticking to the usual activities like yoga, running, or hitting the gym, try something entirely new. The winter offers plenty of exciting opportunities to see sports in a different light or even to try something extraordinary. For those braving the cold, Urban Sports Club has cozy havens like saunas and hot yoga – perfect places to escape the winter chill. And for those who adore the cold, venture into the icy world of cryotherapy. For maximum relaxation, indulge in massages, floating therapy, and thermal baths – the ultimate spots for a quick break. Of course, classic winter sports like ice skating or skiing are also on offer. Discover with Urban Sports Club a mix of sports and wellness that guarantees unique winter experiences – all within just one membership!

Tip 6: Stroll through Free Christmas Markets

Christmas Market

The festive season is approaching, and what could be lovelier than drifting through free Christmas markets? Wherever you are, experience the enchanting vibes of the holidays without spending a dime. Whether it’s handcrafted gifts or delicious treats – these markets promise a wealth of festive delights without straining your wallet. Wander among the stalls, soak up the pre-Christmas atmosphere, and perhaps there’s even room in your budget for a mulled wine or a hot chocolate – and if not, the good old thermos flask works just as well. In Berlin, for example, you can visit the LGBTQI* Winterdays and Christmas Avenue, as well as the Christmas market at Charlottenburg Palace, for free.

Tip 7: Movie Nights without Cinema Entry Fees

Budget-friendly Sports and 8 More Tips

Grab a blanket and a bag of popcorn because free movie nights are on the agenda – either with your friends at home or even at the cinema for free! For free?! Yes, you heard it right! Some spots like Köpi in Berlin or special events occasionally offer movies without an entry fee – after all, good entertainment shouldn’t weigh on your wallet. Look forward to relaxed evenings in front of the screen and enjoy your popcorn.

Tip 8: Winter Magic on Company’s Bill

Budget-friendly Sports and 8 More Tips

Say goodbye to the winter blues and let your employer finance your winter magic! With a company-sponsored Urban Sports Club membership, you have access to the coolest winter activities, not just affordable sports but also wellness. From ice skating on stylish ice rinks to yoga in the snow, relaxed wellness moments at the spa, or even a spontaneous skiing trip – all thanks to your employer’s generosity. Give your company the feeling of investing not only in your work but also in your winter happiness. So, what are you waiting for? Recommend your employer now and discover your personal winter wonderland of well-being!

Tip 9: Winter Cultural Frenzy

Many museums offer certain days or times with free entry. Use this opportunity to get inspired by exhibitions and gather knowledge without spending money. In addition to museums, there are often free events and activities that put you in the winter mood. Check local event calendars or community announcements to discover concerts, readings, or cultural events with free entry.

Budget-friendly Sports and 8 More Tips

Keep an Eye on Your Finances this Winter

Especially in the cold season, we tend to spend more than planned. But with Finanzguru, you effortlessly stay on top of your finances. The app automatically sorts your income and expenses, similar to a digital household book. And exclusively for Urban Sports Club members, you now get 3 months of free access to all premium features of Finanzguru Plus! Simply get the Finanzguru app, open the “More” tab, and enter the voucher code “URBAN3″*. Get ready to enjoy the winter with financial peace of mind!

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