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As Valentine’s Day approaches there’s no doubt love is in the air, so we decided to ask our Instagram community to share their sporty love stories. We got some amazing responses – like Mona, who fell head over heels for her jumping fitness class, or Jasmine who found love at second sight. Simon is crazy about our flexible sports offer and Mariell found friendship through sports. We also touched base with the Urban Sports Club partners who work as a dream team both inside and outside the studio.

Make the body and heart jump!

When Mona moved to Berlin-Wedding shortly after the birth of her baby, she couldn’t decide which gym to join. But, as flexibility was a priority, she decided to sign up with Urban Sports Club. “I tried tons of classes and ventured into studios I otherwise wouldn’t have entered and experienced fun on a whole new level when I discovered Jumping Fitness at Crunch Fit.” Jumping Fitness is all about letting loose on the trampoline while listening to loud, fast-paced music. The workout improves coordination, balance, endurance and builds muscle. For Mona, it was love at first sight.

“When I got on the trampoline for the first time, I knew I’d found my perfect sport right away. The dancing, jumping and laughing made me feel ecstatic, and the class was 45 minutes of absolute power, joy and good vibes. I’d only ever experienced that feeling in a Berlin nightclub! I’ve been addicted ever since.” With two jobs, a child, and a partner, Mona has a really busy schedule, but she never misses her favorite class. “I look forward to my class every week and can’t wait for the next one.” Well, that does sound like true love!

Love at second sight 

Sometimes we find love the second time around. That’s what happened to Jasmine, who wasn’t super excited about exercise but signed up with Urban Sports Club because she wanted to do something good for her health. At the beginning of her sports journey, Jasmine’s boyfriend suggested she go to the gym three times a week. She thought he was crazy. She didn’t love cycling the first time she tried it, so didn’t try it again for two more years. Then, as part of our Comeback Challenge last year, she gave cycling a second chance at Hicycle – and from that moment she was hooked.

“It’s just sooooo cool. The music is awesome, the moves are fun, and the room with the loud music and black lights just kick. At first, I felt like a buffoon on the bike, but once I’d tried it a couple times it felt mega.” Jasmine also enjoys HIIT workouts which she does regularly at Urban Heroes in Hamburg. The atmosphere is similar to cycling – motivating coaches, good music and a great feeling afterwards. “I fell in love with sports. Now I hate rest days!” A real-life happy ever after. 

Sweat connects!

The first time Mariell met Anne was at a spinning class at HealthCity. Mariell found the club atmosphere energy-boosting during Corona times, and when she met Anne she liked her right away. A few days later the two met again by chance at the Bushido gym, struck up a conversation and realized they not only shared a love of spinning, but also an enthusiasm for bodypump and BEAT81 classes. “Then, when we found out we’re almost neighbors, our gym buddy love began!” Since then the pair have tried almost every class on offer. “Early morning Bodypump classes on Wednesdays, workouts in Grüngürtel, spinning classes at BEAT81 and yoga sessions at Yogamama!” 

Anne and Mariell regularly meet at their favorite studios or relax together after work at Claudius Therme. But it’s not just sports that connects the two: “When we went running, we found out that we also share a love of apples. So we set out together in the fall to pick 7kg of apples each at an apple orchard, which is also a kind of sport. Meanwhile, my laundry was in Anne’s washing machine, since mine was broken at the time!” This story shows how real friendship can blossom from a chance meeting.

From a chance encounter to their own business

Sebastian and Nadja’s company organized a sporty outdoor team event, but only the two of them showed up. Until then, the two had only known each other in passing, but they got to know each other much better at the event. Afterwards, they continued to workout together outdoors and more and more people joined them. Sebastian and Nadja soon became a couple and decided to found their own business based on their passion for sports. They called it OpenGymMunich. Together they give online and on-site outdoor classes, pushing their participant’s limits with humor and motivation.

You can tell the two of them are passionate about their project. Nadja says: ”I love everything associated with movement and I love feeling my body – it’s the perfect stress release for me. Especially as a woman, I love feeling strong because it boosts my sense of self which feels totally empowering.” Community is an equally important part of the concept. “It’s great to see how sports bring people together,” Nadja says. “We love to see Urban Sports Club members trying new sports together.” You can join OpenGymMunich’s workout in Isarauen, in Glockenbachviertel, in Kronepark or online!

A studio with heart 

Behind Krafthaus are two lovebirds, David and Carina. The two run the fitness studio which specializes in strength and functional training as well as many other projects. The pair recently started their own family, and are adjusting to juggling love, a baby and a studio. “We had to organize ourselves very well to successfully combine private and professional life.

But our little girl loves to come to the gym and do gymnastics – she’s already enthusiastic about sports, even from her cradle,” says David. David’s enthusiasm for sports is so contagious it also changed the career path of Carina, who trained as an event manager. She had other career plans but eventually decided to join her husband’s business. “His passion is contagious, it motivates me every day,” she says. The pair’s passion and motivation are tangible in their charming studio, with its family-like atmosphere and small-group training.

Old sports friends with a shared new love

Just like a lot of us, Simon was spending a lot less time with his friends due to the pandemic and its accompanying restrictions. In addition, everyone was busy with university and visited different studios for sports. At the start of this year, Simon signed up for Urban Sports Club and convinced his friend Fabian to do the same. Since then, the friends see each other up to five times a week to workout or boulder together.

They love seeing each other regularly, discovering new things and challenging each other. “We tried squash at Body Life Frankfurt for the first time a week ago. It’s so fun to hit a ball hard against a wall and make it as challenging as possible for your teammate,” says Simon. Simon and Fabian aren’t the only ones eager to try out new sports; two more of their friends recently signed up for Urban Sports Club, so from now on they’ll be doing sports sessions as a foursome. “We plan to travel to other cities in the coming weeks to try new sports that aren’t offered in Frankfurt,” says Simon.

His favorite partners in Frankfurt include Trampolinhalle SuperFly, Enjoy Wellness- und Fitness World and DYNOCHROM Boulderhalle… with many more soon to be included!


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