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Every week we send a member of the USC team to try a new sport in our offering so you know what to expect. This week we tried out the fitness method that started in Hollywood and has made waves all over the world…  

What is Studio Lagree?

Studio Lagree is a fitness method and workout founded by Sebastian Lagree.  

The workout uses a machine called The Megaformer with exercises designed to work your core and improve your balance, strength and flexibility.  

What can you expect?

“It’s like pilates on crack,” said Melanie when I asked her what Studio Lagree is all about. Her studio, located in north-west Munich, is the first of its kind in Germany. The studio is slick and modern and holds about 12 Megaformer machines. These contraptions look intimidating; like a cross between a pilates machine and a torture device.

©Christian Behnke

Every exercise in the 50 minute class will be performed on The Megaformer. I must have looked confused by all the straps, knobs, handles and wheels because our trainer said reassuringly “Just copy the person next to you. You’ll be fine.”

How was the workout?

As well as the aforementioned straps, knobs and handles the exercises are performed on a sliding panel. Knobs on this panel allow you to dial up the resistance – something our trainer did throughout the class despite my squawks of protest.We began with a core exercise called the ‘wheelbarrow.’

We held both handles and allowed our knees to slide back and forth on the panel. The exercise demanded we use our core not only to work the stomach muscles but to stabilise ourselves. My abs were on fire after a few repetitions.From here we moved onto leg exercises. We put one leg on the floor and the other on the sliding panel and lunged for what felt like a lifetime.

The mixture of core stability and muscle engagement and a series of pulses at the end of each exercise was absolutely killer.Arguably the most painful leg exercise was kneeling with one leg on stable padding and the other on the slider.

We had to slide out as if were doing splits. This was agony on my inner thigh muscles but it felt like a truly effective exercise – excellent for flexibility, core stability and balance.

There’s no end to the range of exercises you can do on The Megaformer. Abs, chest, legs, arms – every exercise is different, challenging and engages lots of your muscles. It was difficult not to notice that everyone in the class was in extremely good shape.

Finally, after some particularly agonising chest pulses, our trainer instructed we get into child’s pose and led us through some (challenging) stretches. I felt a confusing mixture of relief that it was over and an urge to book another class asap.

How did I feel after?

©Christian Behnke

I’d engaged every single one of my muscles in this class so found it quite hard to walk afterwards. The changing rooms and showers in Studio Lagree are phenomenal with about five different water jets and fancy shower gel and shampoo – very refreshing after such a challenging workout.

The next day my body felt very sore but, because the method stretches and lengthens your muscles, it was a different soreness to usual. I felt less stiff and more stretched.

Benefits of Studio Lagree

The exercises are all low-impact so the workout method is excellent for people who are recovering from injury.

The workout actually lengthens your muscles so it completely changes your aesthetic – that’s why the people there had the figures of supermodels. You can see results very quickly and your body will change after just a few sessions.

Don’t forget to bring…

We worked out in bare feet and gym gear but many of the clients wore special socks you can buy in the studio.

For their latest news, workshops and updates follow Studio Lagree Munich on Facebook.

Studio Lagree is unique in Germany, however Urban Sports Club has many Pilates partners across Germany and France – take a look at our site to see what’s on in your area.


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