Urban Sports Club City Trips – Madrid

Episode 3 – a weekend in Madrid

Spring has arrived and, with all those bank holidays in May, we’ll have some spare time to take some weekend excursions and mini breaks. There’s no better way to delve into European cultural heritage than with a beautiful city break. It’s easy to forget about your fitness routine on holiday but, as an Urban Sports Club member, you don’t need to worry. Now you can check in to sports with 5,000 partners in four European countries in addition to Germany – including Italy, France, Portugal and Spain. To get the most out of your trip, look for cheap flights or trains to plan your USC City Trip and discover the beauty of Europe.

In our USC City Trips series we offer you a city guide so you have the lowdown on which cool sports you can try and where to get the best (healthy) food. And, of course, all the best sights to see and unmissable hotspots.

So far we’ve got you covered in Rome and Lisbon. Next stop: Madrid! Viva Espagna!

This week we head to the beautiful Spanish capital with its magnificent boulevards, elegant parks and ginormous art collections. Here you have good wine, delicious paella and tasty tapas so it’s no wonder Madrid attracts thousands of visitors every day. Factor in the gorgeous weather and you have the city trip destination of your dreams. We’re super excited to introduce you to our favourite sports partners, top food recommendations and unmissable tourist spots in the city. Take a look at our guide and see for yourself…


Get sweaty with a yoga session…

At Bikram Yoga Spain yoga sessions are practiced under sweaty conditions. The room temperature is 40 °C with a humidity of 40%. This is particularly good for increasing the suppleness of your muscles and joints and your overall well-being. Trust us, you’ve never experienced yoga like this before!

Bikram Yoga Spain – Salamanca, Calle Maldonado 52, 28006 Madrid

Guilt-free feasting:

At Faborit you can enjoy fresh juices made with seasonal fruit and vegetables or feast on their delicious fresh salads and lovingly prepared wraps and paninis. You’ll be spoilt for choice in this modernly furnished café and you’ll definitely find something delicious to replenish your reserves after the yoga session.

Faborit, Calle de Velázquez, 128, 28006 Madrid

Hey art lovers! Don’t miss:

The Muséo Lazaro Galdiano has a stunning art collection with bronzes, ceramics, glass, textiles and works by Goya, El Greco and Hieroymus Bosch. Housed in a former palace in Calle Serrano, the museum is definitely worth a visit if you have an eye for art.

Musée Lazaro Galdiano, Calle Serrano 122, 28006 Madrid


Your biggest opponent is you:

After all that strolling and feasting you might be looking for somewhere to release your energy. That’s where Fightland comes in. Here you can enjoy boxing in a fun, welcoming environment. No excuses here, you better work!F

Fightland Chambéri, Calle General Alvarez Castro, 20, 28010 Madrid

Enjoy the beauty of good ingredients:

The Elektra Madrid offers a unique concept compared to traditional restaurants. The goal here is to connect with the young generation and create an authentic and natural culinary experience. Only fresh ingredients are used to make their colourful and tasty dishes which are all made without additives and served in their chic restaurant.

Elektra Madrid, Calle de Sta Engracia, 108, 28003 Madrid

And something for music lovers:

The Clamores jazz club is just round the corner.  Here you can really get to know Madrid’s nightlife and watch one of their many jazz, funk or soul concerts. Afterwards you simply stay put and get in the groove of their African-fused dance floor fillers. You’ll have a great evening, guaranteed!

Clamores, Calle de Alburquerque 14, 28010 Madrid

photo : Madrid Madriz Madrid


Start the day with some relaxation:

There’s no better way to start your day than with a peaceful yoga practice. It gives you time to think about yourself and keep your mind and body in alignment. The Yoguitime classes will help you strengthen your muscles, increase your fitness and improve your breathing. Stress will be a thing of the past.

Yoguitime Goya, Calle Don Ramón de la Cruz 67, 28001 Madrid

Enjoy some gourmet dining:

The chefs at Bumpgreen incorporate their character, sensations and preferences into their creations. The emphasis here is on good ingredients and innovative style. Here you can eat in a room equipped with designer furniture – so you can eat your gourmet dish in style.

Bumpgreen, Calle Velàzquez 11, 28001 Madrid

Visit the landmarks of Madrid:

The Puerta de Alcalá is located in the centre of the city, not far from Yoguitime and Bump-green. This monument of Madrid is in the Plaza de la Independencia which is also close to the famous Retiropark, an unmissable place to take a stroll.

Porte d’Alcalá, Plaza de la Independencia, 28001 Madrid

Only a few 100 metres further you’ll find the Fuente de Cibeles. This fountain was built in 1782 and shows two lions stretched in front of a carriage which is carrying a goddess. In the 18th century this fountain served as a water carrier – but today it serves as a tourist hotspot.

Fontaine de Cybèle, Plaza Cibeles, 3, 28014 Madrid


Functional training gives you long-lasting energy:

At Square Fitness Studio you can expend all your energy in a 50-minute group workout and push your body to the limit. The course is designed for all fitness levels and the combination of mobility, strength and endurance makes the training an effective, varied and entertaining full-body workout.

Square Fitness Studio, Calle Edgar Neville 3, 28020 Madrid

A healthy haven:

At Honest Greens you’ll find a variety of breakfast, salads and healthy regional dishes in a simple and friendly atmosphere. Enjoy your food knowing you’re taking care of your body.

Honest Greens, Paseo de la Castellana, 89, 28046 Madrid

Something for football fans:

Madrid’s football clubs aren’t limited to fans of Real Madrid! The Estadio Santiago Bernabéu was opened in 1947 and offers space for 81044 sports enthusiasts to cheer on their favourite teams. Maybe you can catch a game during your visit to Madrid? Alternatively, you can book a tour around the stadium at any time of the year.

Stade Santiago-Bernabéu, Av. de Concha Espina, 1, 28036 Madrid


End your journey with Boutique Fitness:

The Holistic Studio is a boutique training centre in the heart of Madrid. Each training session is different from the previous one, so you’ll experience a new challenge with every visit. Here you will reach your goals quickly, effectively and have fun at the same time. Due to their holistic approach to fitness you’ll reap the benefits of a full-body workout.

Holistic Studio Boutique, Calle Martin de los Heros 57, 28008 Madrid

Gourmet-style vegetarian dishes:

Crucina is a very unique concept in Europe for one special reason: their dishes are all prepared at less than 41°C which means that all the nutrients remain in the food. This method of preparing food means the seasonal vegetables, fruits, salads, nuts and co. from organic cultivation keep all their flavour and goodness.

Crucina, Divino Pastor 30, 28004 Madrid

Marvel at this impressive temple:

The temple of Debod is very close on the west side of the Plaza de Espana. It’s a great place to visit in Madrid because of its rich history. 2200 years ago, this ancient temple was a gift from Egypt to Spain to help save Abu Simbel from the waters of the Great Aswan Dam.

Temple de Debod, Calle Ferraz, 1, 28008 Madrid

And if you’ve got time for another impressive experience then stroll along the Gran Vía. Until the 1960s this was the largest and most important shopping street in Madrid. Today you’ll find loads of independent boutiques, ice cream parlours and the most famous theatre in Spain.

With our sporty, culinary and cultural tips we hope you’ve gained a little insight into the beautiful city of Madrid.

Do you have any other interesting tips? We are looking forward to your suggestions in the comments!

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