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“It’s good for our bodies to go into survival mode!” Interview w/ Anna from Cryopoint


After our chilly encounter at Cryopoint in Hamburg we caught up with Cryotherapist Anna who told us all about the incredible benefits of the treatment…


When did you first learn about Cryotherapy?

After I graduated I knew there was a gap in the market for Cryotherapy. At the time it was huge in America and the health benefits really interested me. I always wanted to do something that helped people and encouraged a healthy lifestyle.


Where did Cryotherapy originate from?

Cryotherapy was first discovered in Japan as an alternative medicine in the early 70s. In the last three years it’s become more popular globally with many studios now open in America.


What are the health benefits of Cryotherapy?

From a medical perspective, many diseases that travel through the nervous system can be curbed by experiencing intense cold.

After the cold blast your temperature naturally stabilises – it’s like pressing a re-set button in your body. Endorphins are released including adrenaline and serotonin.

Cryotherapy gives people a better quality of life. It’s a great alternative to doing sports – you just go in the “freezer” instead and you can burn loads of calories.


Why is it -157°C?

The body reacts at -90°C. this is when the brain kicks into survival mode and all the hormones are released. It’s good for our bodies to go into survival mode! The body won’t feel pain so you get all the health benefits of a cold blast but without the discomfort. It’s like when you’re a kid and you twist your ankle but it doesn’t hurt until later because of the adrenaline.


Why did you open the studio?

I wanted to do something good for the masses. I like the ethos behind the treatment. It’s good for your health and it won’t destroy your liver or kidneys.

The treatment works well for sick people, for athletes, for people who want to make a positive change in life. It’s also great for menopausal women – they feel super afterwards. It’s fun to help people!


Are there any circumstances where it might be bad for your health?

It’s not good for people with pacemakers or asthma or for people with very high blood pressure, and in those circumstances it’s the drugs that effect you. The treatment doesn’t react properly with the drugs in your body.

My oldest customer here is 92 years old! Of course I’m very careful with him and make sure that his temperature is totally regulated before and after treatment.


What is your wellness background? Have you worked in the industry before?

I graduated last year and started my first company at 18. Cryopoint Winterhude is part of a franchise. There are 12 shop-in-shop systems throughout Germany. My business partners and I also have a pilot store in Hanover.

What are you monitoring on the computer?

The tank temperature, the oxygen saturation and the humidity here in the room.


What advice do you have for USC members who would like to try Cryotherapy?

Just try it out! Especially after sport as it’s good for sore muscles. In these 2-3 minutes your body has such a shock that it regenerates any damaged tissue very quickly. Everyone reacts differently and each immune system has different problems and weaknesses. Athletes will use this treatment for muscle regeneration and to help blood circulation.


What kind of pain can it cure?

Arthrosis, arthritis, MS, neurodermatitis. But it really helps with everything. It’s like taking a large ibuprofen or aspirin – except without the liver damage!

Visit Anna’s Cryotherapy studios in Hamburg or Hannover, and follow Cryopoint Winterhude on Facebook for all their latest news and updates.

Urban Sports Club currently has Cryotherapy partners in Hamburg and in Hannover. However we have plenty of wellness partners across Germany and France who offer similar restorative treatments.

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