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Interview w/ Sabine Winkle: AcroYoga extraordinaire


After our mind and body-bending AcroYoga session we spoke with our trainer, Sabine Winkler, to find out how she discovered the sport and what she loves about it…


USC: What led you to AcroYoga?

As a child I did a lot of gymnastics and started doing acrobatics as an adult. At some point I started practicing yoga and I continued to do acrobatics in parallel.

About 10 years ago AcroYoga became a trend in the USA and then caught on here in Germany.  I thought “Perfect, I can combine my two passions together!”


USC: How would you describe AcroYoga?

It’s the freedom and spirit of acrobatics combined with the composure and attentiveness of yoga.

We use yoga to create the framework of the class and interweave acrobatic postures into the session. For example when we work together as partners we find a rhythm in our breathe together. We also use meditation exercises at the beginning of the class which helps us focus and flow into our yoga postures. These exercises also encourages conscious interactions between the participants.


USC: For whom is it suitable?

In principle, anyone who is physically fit can do AcroYoga. You shouldn’t have any significant complaints, for example a severe injury of the shoulder or wrists.

It’s not compulsory to come to the class in pairs, people can pair up spontaneously during the lesson. During the classes I always try to consider and respond to the different levels of the participants.


USC: What should absolute beginners consider?

For new participants with no previous AcroYoga experience we’ve introduced “modules” which prepare you for the actual AcroYoga course. There are 10 modules and they always take place on Sundays. You’ll learn all the basics to build a fantastic foundation to start your AcroYoga journey. After 7 classes you’re ready to go.


USC: What’s unique about your AcroYoga classes?

Through meditation at the beginning and the partner exercises you automatically get into the flow of the class and are fully immersed right away. There’s no room for other thoughts or distractions. This class really develops and hones your Acro skills and builds on your ability every lesson – so you’re constantly developing.


USC: Do you need to prepare?

You don’t need any special skills to do AcroYoga. Sure, a certain amount of body awareness doesn’t hurt and of course dance experience and upper body strength helps.


USC: Have there been any moments since you began teaching that have made you proud or stood out?

I once had a couple in my class who said they were both couch potatoes and hadn’t done sports in years. But they were absolutely great in the class. It turned out that they had built a house and did a lot of physical work themselves. So sometimes you’re not even aware of your physical abilities or level of fitness.


USC: Why here in Boulderhall E4?

I’ve been teaching here for three years now. For a short time I’d been thinking about moving to the Yogameera in Nuremberg, because I teach some courses there, but then I decided to stay here in the E4.

I enjoy the relaxed and casual atmosphere here and the community feeling. Also the owners of Boulderhall E4 have always really supported me.


USC: If you had to describe your teaching style with one sentence, what would it be?

Quite simply: I’ve turned my hobby into my profession.


If you want to train in AcroYoga with Sabine Winkler check out her website.

Urban Sports Club has lots of AcroYoga partners in Germany, Italy and France. Check out our page to find out which ones are near you.


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