Why squats belong in your training plan

You’re probably familiar with them from sports lessons at school, which is why the word “squats” probably isn’t music to your ears. But did you know they train your muscles, endurance and can be integrated into every fitness workout? These days, it’s hard to imagine a full body workout without them – they’re among the most effective training exercises. So whether online, at local partners outdoors and very soon again indoors, we’ve collated five reasons why squats should be part of your training plan.

1. Squats for butt and posture

Squatting regularly is good for your fitness and, if done correctly, will give you fantastic curves as they target and train the thigh and buttock muscles. Squats, along with bench press and deadlifts, are part of the standard repertoire of powerlifters and a basic strength training exercise. 


Hardly any other exercise challenges the butt and thigh muscles so intensively and effectively. In addition, the squat targets the abdominal and back muscles to provide more stability in the torso. So not only do you get a round butt, you improve your posture at the same time.

It’s very important you ask an expert coach to show you the technically correct execution of a squat, especially if you want to use additional barbells and weight alongside your own body weight.

2. Squats burn a lot of fat

The gluteal muscle is the largest and strongest muscle in the human body. Among other things, it provides overall body stability and consumes more energy than the smaller arm muscles. Similarly, the thigh muscles are among the largest muscle groups in our body. Squats put the large butt and leg muscles into motion, which boosts fat burning.

Performing squats regularly helps the muscles to grow, which uses up lots of energy and increases your metabolic rate. So regular squatting burns tons of calories, especially after a workout.

3. Squats improve your athletic performance

When done correctly, squats make your leg muscles stronger and improve core stability. This will help you progress in your training, whether biking, running or ball sports. Strong legs will improve your yoga and dance performance and act as the foundation for increased strength throughout your body. So you see, strong leg muscles are the basis for every kind of workout.


4. Squats as a variable exercise

Squats are great for incorporating into just about any workout – you can squeeze a set between a series of push-ups and pull-ups to mix things up. But that’s not all – if you think squats are boring, you’re wrong. There are many different variations including jump squats, walking squats, box squats, single leg squats and many more. You’ll never get bored of this diverse fitness exercise – sounds perfect, right?

5. Squats promote health  

As well as boosting metabolism and muscle growth, incorporating squats into your workout routine is beneficial for your health. When performed correctly, squats are good for your knee joints. Squatting is a completely natural movement and strengthening the muscles relieves pressure on the joints, strengthens tendons and ligaments and increases mobility.

With so many benefits from one single fitness exercise, we bet you can’t wait to get going. So check out one of our many live online classes and outdoor offerings to get inspired.

Squat the hell are you waiting for? 😉



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