What takes 4 h in the gym takes 16 min with EMS

After our shockingly good (geddit?) workout at Slim-Gym Tiergarten we caught up with in-house trainers Max and Rick to find out more about EMS Training – the workout that saves your time as well as your waistline…  

Max – Slim-Gym Tiergarten

USC: What exactly is EMS Training?

Max: It stands for Electronic Muscle Stimulation Training.

The electric impulses stimulate up to 90 percent of your muscle cells. On our own we can only manage about 75 percent. As a result the workout is just 16 minutes because it’s such intense training.  

USC: Should you do EMS Training by itself or alongside other sports?

Max: Cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt do it as extra training, but it works well without doing any other sports.

Rick: It’s a good idea to combine EMS with another sport but it works well by itself. I go to the normal gym as well as EMS training; although I wouldn’t recommend doing both in one day. It’s also a good idea to go for a run in between sessions.  

USC: What are the health benefits to EMS compared to other sports?

Max: The biggest benefit is that you can train the deepest point of your muscle level – we call it Deep Muscle Training. For example, there are many muscles around your spine that are hard to reach. 

You can only effectively strengthen these muscles through EMS training. A lot of people with back pain come to us and it works – it makes it better for sure.  

USC: What makes Slim-Gym unique to other EMS Training studios?

Rick: Everything we do here is backed up by research. Most EMS Training studios train for 20 minutes, but we know that anything over 15 minutes is unnecessary. It isn’t bad for your body but it doesn’t work it any further.

Rick - Slim-Gym Tiergarten
Rick – Slim-Gym Tiergarten

We want our customers to be able to come in and out without any fuss. Unlike most EMS Training studios we have male and female changing rooms with a shower in each, so people can come in and walk out within 30 minutes. We provide towels, workout gear, socks, shampoo, shower gel, deodorant – everything you need so you don’t need to worry about packing anything. It’s very efficient and convenient, which is the main difference between us and other training centres.

We also have a service area where you can check-in and we give you protein shakes after the workout to help our customers reach their goals.

Furthermore we provide a nutritional consultation every 10 weeks for each of our customers. We take measurements, set goals and create meal plans so they can effectively reach their milestones. This keeps our members motivated.

We offer DNA Tests which tell you what food-types work for your body so our customers can have a tailored nutritional plan to help them reach their goals.

USC: What’s special about the clothes?

Rick: The best way to do EMS is to wear nothing, but we can’t do that. So our clothes are like a second skin; you don’t wear anything underneath at all. They’re 100% cotton, so the impulse doesn’t get held up anywhere. Most of the members have the clothes included in their membership. Then we wash them and have them ready for their next training session.  

USC: And do people really lose a lot of weight?

Rick: Yes. It’s like every other sport – 70% is nutrition, but if you do that and come twice or three times a week then you’ll reach your goals like in any other sport. Except what takes 4 hours in the gym takes 16 minutes with EMS.

This is because we can train 500 muscles at one time. If you go to the gym you train your legs, then your arms, then your abs, then your glutes. It takes hours. Here you train the entire body at one time, so you just need 16 minutes.  

USC: Do most people come here for weight loss?

Rick: Most women come here for weight loss but we have a lot of men who come here to build muscle. We change the program every week so you always have something different and your body is always working.  

USC: What fitness advice would you give to Urban Sports Club members?

Max: You need to make a lifestyle of it; then you get healthier. If you don’t enjoy your routine then it won’t work long term. Everyone should find their own flow that works for them and makes them happy.  

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Or find out about the Berlin-Mitte and Charlottenburg branches on the Slim-Gym websiteUrban Sports Club has tons of EMS Training partners across Germany and France – find out where your local studio is on our website.


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