Valentine’s Day: The most romantic sports

For some, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year – for others, it’s just another day. Some love it, some hate it, and it’s a big win for the flower industry at least.

But Valentine’s Day isn’t just for loved up couples. Why not show yourself some love? Take this opportunity to do something good for your body – either by yourself, with your partner, with your friends or as a team!Whatever your plans on February 14th, we think exercise is the best way to strengthen your existing relationships and keep fit at the same time. So we’ve collated a list of live classes that are fun, boost your immune system and will keep your body and mind in the best shape to love yourself and those around you.

Workouts for greater self-love

Self-love is important for our well-being. You can’t change how other people see you, but you can give yourself the self-respect you deserve. Especially in these difficult times it’s important to integrate a portion of me-time into your daily routine – on Valentine’s Day and beyond. 

Classes such as “Online Sun Salutation Vibes” from Soul Sport, “Ayurveda Yoga” from Studio 148 and “Yin into Yoga Nidra” from Tribe Yoga Base are particularly suitable for this. These little time-outs act like a balm on your body and soul – we promise. If you’d rather use your me-time to work up a sweat, try a live class like “Fat Burn HIIT” from Your Life Change, or the functional interval workout “Back in Shape” from Loft by You, or “Ab-Attack in the Kitchen” from Michael Byrne.

Workouts for couples

Dinner, chocolates, flowers? Instead, put on your gym clothes, grab your partner, roll out the fitness mats and do a couples workout together! It’s the perfect antidote for a relationship that’s slipped into couch potato mode.

Papillon Tanz offers “Lyrical Jazz” or “Contemporary” classes to make you fall in love all over again. You can learn sporty seduction tricks in courses like “Sensual Floorwork,” “Twerking Choreo” and “Exotic Pole” at Pole Dance Schule Berlin. The Munich-based dance school Dance with George will introduce you to the world of couple dance such as salsa, bachata and kizomba with courses via livestream. And the Center of Dance gives you a positive body feeling with popular live classes such as “Jazz/Burlesque.” 

These live classes are great for couples any day of the week, not just on Valentine’s Day. When working out as a couple, you’ll spend more time together, can share a sense of accomplishment and motivate each other to keep going. Afterwards, you’ll both feel a million dollars!

Workouts for friends and colleagues

If you don’t share a household, you can still enjoy joint online sports sessions with friends, workout buddies or even colleagues. A fixed workout date will establish a new sports routine and create shared experiences – a real boost for your friendships in times of lockdown.

Read 5 reasons to try joint workouts.

Fitness and Dance Munich offers you a versatile combination of dance and fitness classes. From “Zumba” to “Jumping Fitness” to “Hot Iron,” you can try something new with your workout buddies every week. The name says it all at “Summer Bodies are made in winter.” With Noch3‘s live class of the same name, you’ll work up a sweat together, or try classes like “Burn,” “Mobility” and “Core” to help you build strength and stability. 

It’s been almost a year since we could enjoy lunch and coffee dates with our friends and colleagues. But making plans for joint workouts can help you get more exercise into your home office routine and make effective use of your breaks. 

Live classes such as “HIIT 30 MIN Express” from IGNITE.FIT are a great way to do this, as you can easily fit them into your lunch break.  The Bodyworkers‘ “Belly Legs Butt Express” or “Deepwork” are also a great way to leave the daily office routine behind. 

With such a wide selection of live classes, we’re confident that there’s something for everyone to make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable experience. 

So we’d like to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day – whether you’re single, with a partner or in a team. Pssst, are you still looking for a suitable gift for Valentine’s Day? Then give the gift of health with an Urban Sports Club voucher. Health is the most precious thing you can give to your loved ones and with joint sports sessions, you can enjoy the benefits together!


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