That holiday feeling: These sports combine fun and fitness

The holidays are just around the corner – which is usually a time for joy. But there’s never been a summer more confusing for both children and adults than the summer of Coronavirus.

Planned holidays aren’t looking good at the moment, and for some travel abroad is still limited to balconies and terraces.

But we have a few tips for you to make sure you enjoy the most beautiful season of the year. If you decide to holiday in Germany, you don’t have to forego fun leisure activities because Urban Sports Club offers a number of activities that will turn your sports routine upside down with a ton of variety whether in the studio, in the park or online.

In this article we present 5 extraordinary sports where fun is the focus. And don’t worry about the positive training effects – we’ve got that covered, too!

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Booty Therapy

Booty Therapy is all about “shaking away” your worries. Movements from Afro-urban dance styles are performed to beats that make the room burst with energy and good humor.

The classes offered on site are led by the powerful and charming Maïmouna, who knows how to make you dance. Her focus is on how to move your butt using the technique of twerking. The fun factor is truly not neglected here.

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Techno Yoga

Summer is all about dancing at exclusive parties and bright festivals. But this year everything is different. Instead of partying to bands and DJs with your best friends, the clubs are closed and our beloved festivals are cancelled.

No beats for us then, right? Wrong! Because Hi!Yoga are offering a Techno Yoga class that combines Flow Yoga with electronic music. It’s a live workout so if you don’t have any plans for the weekend, this is the perfect way to get fit and party at the same time.

Click here to go to Techno Yoga by Hi!Yoga. 

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Inline skating is THE leisure activity par excellence! And rightly so. It can be quite a liberating feeling to zoom along the asphalt with rollers under your feet in beautiful weather. And paired with an 80’s and 90’s playlist it’s twice the fun.

Even though it might not look as elegant and fast as Starlight Express, Trash’n’Roll on Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin is a great way to learn tips and tricks while having fun and staying fit on skates.

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You can still go surfing this summer! Just on dry land and at home… but during surfyoga you’ll train your body so hard that when you can go surfing again, you’ll be able to stand up on the board no problem.

Women doing yoga on a surfboard

BBalance Yoga helps you prepare for your next surf trip. With a mixture of strengthening asanas, stretches and small meditations you’ll train exactly those muscles that you need when surfing on the water.

Sweating is guaranteed during the on-site course so, with a large portion of imagination, Surfyoga is the perfect warm-up for your surf session.

Click here for the Surfyoga course.

Want even more inspiration for unusual activities with fun and fitness combined? Then click here.

Use your free-time during summer to try something new. We love that you don’t need to compromise on fun when you get fit with us. So register today for our extraordinary sports courses!


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