Farewell summer, hello autumn: Make the transition with these sports

As summer nears its end, many of us are racing outdoors to get a last taste of summer fun before the cold weather returns. If you’re looking for some excellent end-of-summer activities, this article’s got you covered with top recommendations for closing out the season the sporty way. But because sport lovers need to stay active year-round, we’re also bringing you some of our favorite autumn/winter sports and wellness offers, so you can keep working up a sweat — whatever the weather! 

Top activities for the end of summer

1. Water sports 


Whether you’re a swimming savant or just getting started with aquatics, now is your chance to blow off some steam and enjoy the sun one last time before the fall season truly begins. Water sports are packed with health benefits, from improving flexibility to enhancing your mental wellbeing. And at Urban Sports Club, we’ve got tons of water activities to keep you busy. Dive into any of our Urban Sports Club partner pools for swimming or aqua aerobics, from Hamburg to Hannover — or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try SUP! Short for ‘stand up paddling’, this sport is not only great for balance, coordination and building core strength, you’ll get a magnificent view of your surroundings. Try it at Stand Up Wannsee, or search our listings for other offers! Looking for a last-minute vacation activity? Head to 69 Slam Surf School in Lisbon and learn to ride the waves like a pro.   

2. Golf 


Once pegged as an elite pastime, nowadays golf is a fantastic sport for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Invented in Scotland in the mid-1400s with the straightforward premise of hitting a tiny ball into an equally tiny hole, golf has grown to a worldwide obsession with nearly 7,000 courses in Europe alone. At 4-5 hours a game, not only is golf a great workout for your arms, legs, and core, it’s also excellent in training concentration and memory. Plus, it’s an inherently social activity, so you’ll get plenty of friend time, whether you’re putting or caddying over to the next hole. To hit the course before autumn starts, check out our Golf Gut Glinde in Hamburg, or find an Urban Sports Club partner near you. 

3. Cryotherapy


If your muscles are worn out from all the golf and water sports, why not treat yourself to a frosty cryotherapy session? This innovative technique blasts your skin — or entire body — with liquid nitrogen at roughly -100 to -140 degrees celsius, giving it a radiant glow. But cryotherapy is more than just a beauty trend — its health benefits are numerous, from reducing arthritic and joint pain to helping to treat mood disorders. Try it yourself at Cryopoint in Munich or Berlin!

Autumn activities for heating up and cooling down

Dreading the onset of autumn? Don’t worry—we’ve got a few great activities to turn up your temperature or enjoy the frosty air!

1. Sauna


We love working up a sweat, especially when there’s very little actual work involved. That’s why we’re wild about saunas. These extra warm rooms boast a wide variety of benefits for both your body and mind. Spending just 10-15 minutes relaxing in the sauna helps rid your body of toxins, boost your immune system, improve cardiovascular function, and even promote weight loss. If you’re looking for a real treat, head to the Claudius Therme in Cologne and experience one of our favorite saunas in Germany. 

2. Spa


There’s nothing better than unwinding with a day at the spa, particularly as the cold weather sets in. Relaxing with a massage is one of the best ways to relieve tense muscles, improve circulation, and release toxins in the body. We’re big fans of the Stadtbad and Hotel Oderberger in Berlin for its wellness offers combined with workout and pool facilities—the whole package makes for a relaxing, rejuvenating day. Or why not try Geser Spa at the Park Inn for an Ayurvedic massage with revitalizing essential oils. Or if you’re ready to live like a royal for a day, head to Steigenberger Hotel am Kanzleramt for a spa experience that’s fit for a head of state.  

3. Ice Skating


The colder months aren’t just about hiding indoors—from snowboarding to snowshoeing, there are tons of great outdoor sports to try when the temperature starts to drop. But this winter, instead of heading to the slopes, why not slip on some skates and make your way to the ice skating rink instead? Ice skating is great for balance and toning your legs. Plus, it’s a total blast with friends, so you can get the gang together and make a day of it! From November on, you can try your hand at becoming an Ice Capade at Lentpark Eisarena in Cologne, or Alte Eisbahn Lankwitz in Berlin.

Did you know that Urban Sports Club has thousands of sports and wellness activities on offer 365 days a year? Whether you’re heading to the ski slopes or surfing school, you’ll always find the workout that fits your mood and lifestyle. Check out our website for in-person or virtual classes today. 


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