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We want our Urban Sports Club community to lead an active lifestyle that suits your needs. Together with our partners, we offer you access to the most flexible sports and wellness offer in Europe to boost your mental and physical health.

The European Week of Sports takes place every year from September 23rd to 30th. These three themes will be in focus over the coming days: the joy of sport, resilience – i.e. psychological resistance – and intergenerational sport. You can get to know these focal points any time through various activities on offer at Urban Sports Club. 

But how exactly? By trying sports that strengthen joy, resilience, and intergenerational relationships. So, try something new or inspire your family and friends with your favorite activity.



Sport is the best way to get a natural high. From conquering bouldering routes to personal best times to team challenges, sport never fails to make us happy. It’s not just pride and adrenaline that creates this feeling – physical activity releases happiness hormones such as endorphin, dopamine and serotonin, as well as cannabinoids, which makes your mood soar. Long-term effects of regular exercise include increased concentration, satisfaction, self-confidence and positivity. You’ve probably heard of the ‘runners high’ or have experienced it yourself – but did you know many other activities make you feel this way? Try the following sports:


Whether alone, in pairs or in a group, in dance classes like Bachata, Hip-Hop and Zumba you’ll move your body to motivating music and have tons of fun! D!´s Dance School offers classes in different dance styles and for all levels.


Aerial Yoga

Take to the air: Aerial Yoga turns your world upside down and changes your perspective. Train your balance and strength while swinging and flying, and experience the exhilarating lift-off feeling at Flair Studios in Berlin or Flying Pilates in Hamburg.

Aerial Yoga


Resilience is an important topic right now, especially during corona times. It’s all about adapting to difficult situations, something we’ve all had to do over the last 18 months. But we stayed active with live online classes and outdoor sports, which got us out of our heads which helped us deal with difficult situations and embrace new challenges. All of this fosters mental resilience. The following sports are fun and simultaneously strengthen resilience:


Learn how to fight your way through any situation. Boxing strengthens your ability to concentrate and your self-efficacy. So get in the ring at Impacto Team Stuttgart or Chimosa in Berlin-Mitte, or choose one of our many other boxing partners.


Team sport

Overcoming challenges together as a team or being confronted with failures strengthens our sense of community and contributes to mental strength. Try out Footmesa, soccer, table tennis or badminton with your friends at Body Life.


Intergenerational sports 

The corona crisis has affected each of us differently and has permanently changed the way we do sports. Now more than ever, we understand the importance of social contact and community. Sport has the power to bring people together and connect generations. 


From beginner to professional – swimming is suitable for every level, gets the circulation going and trains the heart muscle. Plus, you only have to carry one-seventh of your body weight in the water. Swimming is suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed with friends and family. Jump into the cool water at DAS LEUZE swimming pool in Stuttgart or at Bäderland Blankenese in Hamburg!


Fitness for all ages

Whether it’s a sweaty workout, targeted stretching or relaxation.Train by yourself or with experienced trainers in fitness courses to increase fitness, mobility and cardiovascular health, whatever your age. myshape Berlin offers tons of different courses for all ages, shapes, sizes and experience levels.

Do you want to try something new or get fit across generations? Discover our partner locations near you!


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