Bouldering: 5 reasons to get started

Bouldering is a sport whose – pun intended – popularity is climbing. And for good reason, the discipline has many benefits that make it a fun activity to do alone, or with family or friends.

Bouldering is like climbing, but without the rope. The walls are generally no more than five metres high and there are a multitude of different routes of varying degrees of difficulty. While there are outdoor bouldering walls, most bouldering is done indoors.

To help you get started, here are 5 reasons why you should get into bouldering.

1. Bouldering: a full body workout

The first thing is that we train your feet to be compressed in shoes that look like they’re three sizes down. So yes, at first glance it doesn’t look dreamy, but it’s very important and normal. It’s so that the toes can grip better on the walls and the blocks.

So from your toes to your fingertips, bouldering makes you work. No matter the level of difficulty of the route, you use your whole body, arms, legs, fingers and toes to hold on to the wall during the ascent. You push on your legs, pull on your arms, activate your abs and work your shoulders, back and buttocks all the time.

2. A strategy exercise

In addition to being a very physical activity, bouldering takes a lot out of your brain. It is therefore an ideal activity to improve your mental abilities. First of all, in terms of strategy to reach the summit: every step, every grip, every weight shift can lead you to the point of no return, forcing you to give up and start again.

Once the ascent has begun, you learn to react flexibly to the unexpected, to study the alternatives if a passage seems too complicated.

3. An anti-stress and confidence booster

There is also a lot of focus on the interaction between the brain and the body. It’s a great way to put aside your workday, your worries and clear your head. You concentrate 100% on what’s next (or in this case, on top!), on yourself, your body and your movement. We only think about the next push, the next pull and ignore the rest. It’s almost like a meditation through movement.

After just half an hour of training, you’ve done a good job of working your body and brain. And the feeling of accomplishment is real! In that sense, being able to climb the wall with nothing but your own body makes you feel very powerful. It’s a huge boost for self-esteem.

4. An amazing community

This confidence boost also comes from the sense of community that exists in this discipline. People with a passion for bouldering are always nearby to help, give advice and technical tips to achieve your goals. Bouldering invites conversation.

By practicing this sport with others, you have fun, you face challenges together, you are proud of yourself after a few brave moves along the wall. When you’re at the top of the wall, congratulations flow!

5. An activity for everyone

Bouldering is suitable for all levels. Each block colour indicates a route difficulty. Some problems or ways are created to work more on balance than strength. Other times it is flexibility that is emphasized. It’s not enough just to have Popeye’s arms.

Many rooms even offer space for children, so that you can have a good time with your family.

Where to practice bouldering?

Whether it’s close to home, next to the office or on a business trip, don’t hesitate to check out all our partners who offer bouldering and keep discovering new walls to try.


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