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Coronavirus has upset the training schedule of many of us. But, after more than eight weeks of lockdown, we can gradually breathe a sigh of relief as many areas of public life slowly reopen. In some places, the first sports studios are already open but in other federal states they continue to remain closed. The rules and conditions for sports differ from state to state and this patchwork quilt raises many questions. 

So – what is open and what isn’t? Indoors or outdoors? And how can you train safely? It isn’t so easy to keep track of everything going on, so we’ve summarized the information for you.

When will the gyms reopen?

There’s no uniform regulation for all of Germany, or even in the individual states. Take Thuringia, for example. There, cities and districts decide on the implementation of the relaxation of corona restrictions, and that includes when gyms are allowed to reopen.

The following table gives you an overview of when gyms, climbing gyms and swimming pools in your area will reopen and which open-air sports will be relaxed (as of 13.05.2020, 10:00 a.m. – subject to change):

Federal StateReopening of sports studiosOutdoor training
Baden-WürttembergFitness studios, dance schools and climbing gyms are to reopen from Sunday 31st May.From  May 11th, “contactless outdoor sports” are allowed again, as long as the distance rules are observed without problems.
BayernGyms, dance schools, swimming pools will not open before June.From 11 May, “contact-free individual sports by distance” such as tennis, golf and stand-up paddling are permitted again.
BerlinGyms will remain closed for the time being. Beaches and open-air pools may reopen from 25 May.Training in the open air is permitted from 15 May up to a maximum of 8 people (including trainers) and in compliance with the distance regulations.
BrandenburgDiscussions on further relaxation are coming (date unknown)Contactless mass and leisure sports in the open air such as tennis will be permitted again from 15 May, subject to the rules of distance and hygiene.
Surfboards or stand-up-paddling boards may continue to be used under consideration of the rules of distance and hygiene.
BremenDiscussions on further relaxation will take place on 13 May.Outdoor training in groups will again be permitted from 7 May onwards, subject to compliance with the rules of hygiene, in particular the rules of distance.
HamburgDiscussions on further relaxation are coming (date unknown)From 13 May onwards, all outdoor sports will be possible again with distance.
HessenGyms open again from 15 May.Non-contact recreational sports will be possible again from 9 May, subject to a minimum distance of 1.5 metres.
Mecklenburg-VorpommernGyms open again from 15 June.From 11 May onwards, training groups will be able to be active again, subject to the obligation to keep their distance.
NiedersachsenGyms should be able to open again on 25 May.Non-contact sports and outdoor training have been permitted again from 6 May, provided a minimum distance of 1.50 metres is maintained.
Nordrhein-WestfalenFitness studios and dance schools will be open again from 11 May.Contactless sports and outdoor training is permitted again from 7 May, provided that the minimum distance and strict hygiene rules are observed. 
Rheinland-PfalzDiscussions on further relaxation from 11 May (no further information yet)Outdoor sports such as tennis or golf have been permitted again from 11 May, provided that the minimum distance is observed.
SaarlandDiscussions on further relaxation on 12 May (no further information yet)“Low-contact open-air sports” such as tennis or golf with a maximum of five participants have been permitted again since 11 May, provided that the minimum distance is observed.
SachsenFitness studios and outdoor pools will open again from 18 May.Training in small groups may again take place in compliance with hand hygiene and minimum distance.
Sport is again allowed outdoors and in groups of maximum 5 people, contact must be excluded.
Schleswig-HolsteinGyms are scheduled to reopen on 18 May.Outdoor sports are possible from 4 May. The only condition is the observance of the rules of distance and hygiene.
ThüringenDiscussions on further relaxation from 13 May (no further information yet)Individual sporting activities in the fresh air are possible with a minimum distance – but no group training yet.
Source: DSSV

Reopening of partner studios at Urban Sports Club

Despite all the joy and enthusiasm surrounding the reopening of sports studios, we’re still aware of the great responsibility we have towards you and our partners. For this reason we will not reactivate all partner locations in the respective federal states at once. Instead, we are currently contacting our partners personally to inform them about the necessary actions needed to reopen safely. We therefore ask for your understanding and patience if the changeover takes some time.

Further information about the reopening of partner studios after the lockdown can be found here

Training in Corona times

Training in Corona times will be very different from training before the crisis. The reopening of the studios will be subject to strict hygiene regulations and the studio operators must ensure that these can be implemented before they can resume operations.

The following is a summary of what to expect when you visit your gym. The following rules apply to Nordrhein-Westfalen and Hesse – and probably won’t look much different in the other states either:

As with a cold, if you feel ill, it is better to suspend your training routine until you feel better again.

  1. As with a cold, if you feel ill, it is better to suspend your training routine until you feel better again.
  2. After entering the gym, you must wash or disinfect your hands. Only non-contact welcoming rituals are permitted.
  3. Be cooperative and a little patient when checking-in to the gym. Studio operators are required to keep written records of customer contact details, the time of entering and leaving the gym and attendance of certain courses.
  4. You should arrive at the gym in sports wear, as the changing rooms may only be opened for the sole purpose of keeping your private belongings.
  5. You should also bring your drinks with you because no self-service at open drink dispensers will be permitted.
  6. The use of showers, swimming pools, saunas and solariums is prohibited until further notice.
  7. Courses with unavoidable physical contact are not allowed.
  8. Also not permitted at present is any high-intensity endurance training (e.g. indoor cycling, HIIT and anaerobic threshold training) due to aerosol exposure. If you do not want to give up your usual training routine, we recommend that you use our online courses or complete the corresponding workouts in the open air.
  9. In classes as well as on fitness equipment, a minimum distance of 2m in all directions to your training neighbour is still required.
  10. The use of large towels that you bring with you is mandatory and generally part of good training hygiene.
  11. The contact surfaces of all sports equipment must be disinfected after use.
  12. If you need special sports equipment, such as thermal tapes or mats for your training, you must bring it from home. Gyms are not allowed to provide equipment if the contact surfaces are difficult to disinfect.

You can read the Corona Protection Ordinance of the Hygiene and Infection Protection Standards for Gyms that apply to your region here.

Before your visit, your fitness studio will tell you exactly how the hygiene precautions are implemented in their studio. It is best to inform yourself in advance so that there are no surprises when entering the gym. 

(We do not make any specific recommendations regarding our partners other than those given by national or local authorities).

Outdoor training in Corona times

Chancellor Merkel has reached an agreement with the state premiers to allow outdoor sports again as far as possible. Outdoor athletes, as with indoors, must continue to comply with certain conditions. For example, a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters must be guaranteed and the sport must be practiced without contact.

In principle, however, the federal states also decide how large group training sessions may be. The loosening of the rules means people are able to do workouts such as high-intensity endurance training, which is not yet permitted in fitness studios, or move their yoga practice into the fresh air.

Take off together with Urban Sports Club

On our website or in our app you can find out which outdoor workouts are already offered. Please note that only active partners offer courses or free training. If a partner does not have courses or free training displayed, that’s because this partner has not yet gone through the reactivation process. In this case we ask you for a little patience – the wait is unlikely to be longer than a few days.

As before, our full range of services is still available to you and all live courses will continue to take place as usual.

So you can practice a mixture of online and offline sports – whatever suits you. Let’s go!

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