Meet Maïmouna: Booty Therapy coach, actress and ambassador of female empowerment

After our exhilarating Booty Therapy class we caught up with choreographer and teacher Maïmouna to find out more about her style and how this dance empowers women…


What’s your background with dance?

Dancing was my hobby when I was a teenager. My sisters and I would watch videos on TV and dance along. I was a fan of Madonna and Michael Jackson and African singers and dancers like Koffi Olomidé, and movies like Grease, Dirty Dancing and West Side Story. My parents didn’t have enough money to pay for dance classes so I had to create my own.


Why did you start Booty Therapy?

It came by itself. I was teaching what I love which is African and urban dance with urban music. It came from the music first; music from Ivory Coast, from Congo, from Jamaica.

When me and my friends went to parties we listened to this music and danced. And I was so in love with this kind of dancing and music that I just wanted to teach it and share it with everyone. My dance classes help women feel better and more confident and it’s a space to release all their traumas and frustrations and complexes.


Did you work with others to develop the Booty Therapy concept?

I created it by myself – it’s a mix of different dances. And my creation is to take our power back. We move our hips and our booties and they are all our own – we can do anything we want.


Is it a feminist dance?

I prefer to say humanist – when we say feminist some people think it’s just for women and it’s almost against men. But this works for men, too. Everyone has traumas and frustrations. So everyone can release them, everyone can take his or her power back.

I want to teach women to really use their power – because we are really powerful and we need to realise this. It’s important that men come to the class as well – we shouldn’t be separated.


Do you do this full time?

I’m an actress, a director and a writer. I’m an artist. I have my own plays that I perform in Paris and I have some that I’d like to bring here to Berlin. It’s about seven deadly sins. It addresses issues in society such as the Me Too movement, body positivity and current affairs. We performed it last February in LA, Paris and San Francisco.


What advice do you have for USC members who want to get involved with Booty Therapy?

My advice is take it easy. Everything is going to be okay. Everyone can dance. Even though the videos look like it’s very difficult – it’s easy. You’ll see. Just come and try it, we’ll have fun.


Why is this style of dance so important?

It’s important to me because it’s about this area of the body which is a taboo. And I think it’s important to shake it and to move it and release everything negative. I think everyone in the world should dance.


Urban Sports Club has many dance partners across Germany, Italy and France. Take a look at our site to see what’s on in your area.

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