The Top Health Trends of 2020

Let’s be honest: the topic of health doesn’t seem very exciting. Nevertheless, it is important to keep yourself informed—and what’s more, it’s actually fun! That’s why we decided to dive right in this year and head to the gesund leben conference for health, nutrition and fitness in Frankfurt to learn about the newest facts, trends and inspiration concerning healthy living.

1. Food must be “natural”

This trend is not so new, but has retained its relevance: natural food and special ingredients are taking up more and more space in our kitchen cabinets. With an ever-growing selection of organic products in the supermarket, the journey to a healthier life becomes easier and more affordable day by day. 

So say bye bye to additives and hello to new energy sources. Take Guayusa, for example, a leaf from the beloved Amazonian tree that is prepared as tea, boasting a lasting, invigorating effect without making you jittery. According to JUMA-TEA, the leaves contain L-Theanine which relaxes you while sharpening your senses—a centuries-old, completely natural energy source hailing from the Centennial Valley in South America. 

2. Movement is indispensable

Who needs big, strong muscles when the rest of your body isn’t in balance?! The pump-up lifestyle is quickly falling out of fashion, with more holistic practices, exercises for back health and health-promoting workouts taking its place. It’s not so much about the result, but rather the journey that gets you there! So instead of embarking on another Summer Body Challenge, pay attention to what is good for your body!

3. Healthy body, healthy mind

That brings us to our next trend: feel at home in your body, it’s not enough to just do sports regularly. Mental health also plays a huge role. Our partner Mindfulife, who also presented at the gesund leben conference, taught us once again about the importance of meditation. With your Urban Sports Club membership, you can participate in guided meditations there, while relaxing and focusing completely on yourself. 

Thanks to a cooperation with the meditation app Headspace, we’re supporting the mindfulness trend. Learn here how you can test out Headspace for three months for free as an Urban Sports Club member.

4. Sustainability

Sustainability is on everyone’s mind these days, and you felt this acutely at the gesund leben conference. From sustainable bamboo products for the bathroom and kitchen to soap and cosmetics to sustainable sports accessories made of wood to sustainability festivals. As we browsed the booths, it was clear that a new trend was taking hold that would undoubtedly continue throughout 2020 and beyond. 

As you can see, health topics have already become an important part of our daily lives. To get fit and stay fit, we have countless partners in Germany and all across Europe who contribute significantly to improving your health through training, meditation and relaxation. 

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