#HAPPYNEWFEAR Challenge in the New Year

It’s January and with it comes high hopes and big plans. Plans to learn a new language, get a six pack and quit biting our fingernails – all by the end of the year. We’re pretty sure that all of our members, new and old, will have goals and strategies mapped out for the next few months.

Team USC, however, love to get out of their comfort zones and live their lives at a very fast pace. And that’s where the #HappyNewFear challenge comes in – we’ve given them one month to make their first positive change of the year.

The USC team in Berlin, Cologne, Munich and our digital nomads around the world will identify one thing that’s always scared them – maybe a high-dive, a handstand, a backflip or abseiling. By the end of January they will have mastered it using the awesome trainers, gyms and facilities we have to offer. Imagine that – a lifelong fear conquered in just four weeks.

And the best bit, you get to watch all the squawks, tears, smiles and screams on our Instagram channel. That’s win/win for everyone!

As a USC member you probably know by now that we offer more than a multi-functional gym membership. Our members are open-minded sports explorers who aren’t afraid to get out their comfort zones and try new things. Monday it could be Krav Maga, Tuesday paddle boarding, Wednesday Tai Chi, Thursday Jumping Fitness. USC opens up your sports horizons, finds you new hobbies and gets you fit.

Sounds fun right? Join the journey by following us on Instagram where we’ll be posting all our #HappyNewFear successes and failures. It’ll be a very amusing month and you can find out how to get involved next time.  

Happy New Fear! Let’s show 2019 who’s boss.


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