SPORTY SUMMER VIBES – your guide to a sporty summer

Does sun, water, sand and ice cream sound like a great vacation to you? Here’s how to combine all that with sports, so you can enjoy the wonderful summer weather while keeping your physical and mental fitness in balance – whether by yourself or in a group. 

Soak up the sun 

It’s impossible not to feel positive after a healthy dose of vitamin D3 – and you can boost those happy feelings even more by exercising in the fresh air. 


You’ll definitely get those endorphins flowing with functional training outdoors so why not workout with like-minded people in the parks and green spaces of your city? You’ll improve your endurance, you’ll strengthen all muscle groups and before you know it you’ll have completed an awesome full-body workout. 
We have tons of partners who offer outdoor yoga. Whether it’s on the beach, in the park or on a rooftop, take a deep breath and connect with yourself.

Fun on the water

If being outdoors isn’t enough, why not cool down in the water? We have many water-based sporty partners to choose from this summer!

You can go wakeboarding or water skiing or you can experience your city from a new perspective by canoe or Stand Up Paddling – whatever takes your fancy, we have something for you.

If the local lake is too small for you, why not broaden your horizons and surf with our partners in Spain, Italy and Portugal. With sun, sea waves and salt water, your sporty ambitions won’t be limited even when you’re on vacation. 
If you don’t want to travel but do want to try something new, then SUP yoga could be right up your alley. Yogis can really challenge themselves as balancing on a board on the water really trains your deep muscles – plus it’s a lot of fun!


Sand under your feet

Do you love nothing more than walking barefoot on the warm sand? Then it’s time for you to try beach volleyball! We have many beach volleyball partners to enjoy alongside friends or colleagues. You can fall on the sand without injury and afterwards enjoy a cool drink at the beach to get your energy back.

You can also get that vacation feeling from the local lidos! Whether it’s water polo, swimming laps or chilling out on the sand and grass – those hot summer days bring back so many childhood memories it’s impossible not to feel nostalgic. 
Tennis is best enjoyed outside in the sun – perfecting that backhand and getting sweaty with friends will feel like a dream this summer!


Ice? -110 degrees please

No, we don’t mean ice cream for snacking – we’re talking about cooling down on a hot summer day with one of our Cryotherapy partners. If the shade isn’t enough for you, take an ice-break and step into a cool box for a few minutes. It’s a great endorphin booster and kick-starts your immune system so your body will feel the pleasant cooling effects for a long time after the treatment. It’s also a great way to regenerate sore muscles, so give it a try! You’ll love it.


After a long lockdown and the endless winter this year, you’ll feel even more free and ready to enjoy everything summer has to offer. Whether it’s in your home city or in another Urban Sports Club city in Europe, with an extra dose of sun, fresh air and adrenaline, you’ll have the time of your life this summer! 
Want to try one of these summer sports or even discover something else? Find all our activities in your city here!


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