An spring-time guide to outdoor sports

This spring you can stay active, have fun with friends and enjoy the beautiful weather at the same time. We can’t think of a better way to spend the spring months than getting fit in nature – and we have a load of ideas to make this possible! Here’s our inspirational guide for spring-time fitness in the great outdoors:

Change your perspective

Are you a yoga enthusiast? We bet you love to visit your favourite studio regularly, especially with all those familiar faces and well-rehearsed sequences. But the ancient art of yoga teaches that it’s important to maintain constant change and development. So why not swap your studio for a sunny outdoor location? This will awaken all of your senses and change the way your practice. You’ll connect with nature, find inner peace in your new environment and experience your postures in a different way. Open up and feel the difference in perspective and a heightened awareness of your body and surroundings.

We also think tennis is best experienced in the fresh air with the sand under your feet and the sun warm on your skin.

Smells like Team Spirit

Are you a fan of team sports? We love the mutual support and motivation of playing in a team – it means you work at your peak performance! If you love it too we have a ton of outdoor functional fitness bootcamp partners for you to try. Many of these classes take place in parks and green spaces so you can get a daily dose of fresh air in the great outdoors. You’ll partner up or work in teams, a great way to stay motivated during the workout, and we bet you’ll make friends out of it too.

Beach volleyball is another fantastic outdoor team sport and it’s so fun you’ll forget you’re doing a workout. So round up your friends and colleagues and book a volleyball court!

Here’s another idea: running in a team is a lot more fun than running alone. There are a ton of interesting and varied running groups you can join, and it’s a great way to keep you motivated when you have buddies by your side. So run at your top performance and improve your cardio conditioning at the same time by trading the treadmill for fresh air. Ready, set, go!

Water Action

Do you love to be in water? Then go to your local (heated) outdoor pool and pursue your passion. Soak up some sun on a sun bed and cool down in the water afterwards!

Or if you’re looking for something a little more extreme why not try wakeboarding? It’s challenging to keep your balance on the board but after a little practice you’ll be speeding away across the water!

Or maybe you’d like something a little more chill – we have a ton of spots where you can try Stand-Up Paddling. Just rent a board, grab a paddle and away you go. This is a sport that anyone can do with just a few minutes practice, so pick up your best friend and glide together over lakes, rivers and canals.

Or hire a canoe or kayak – that way you’ll throw in an arm and back workout.

High up

If you’re an adrenaline-junkie then we have the perfect sport for you – visit our outdoor climbing spots and bouldering partners. The spring air will fill your lungs as you clamber up rocks and boulders – the sky is the limit!

Travel fever

If you’ve got a taste for adventure we have a great idea: round up your favourite workout buddies and go on a trip to a different city to try out sports. Hamburg, Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg – they’re all beautiful cities with tons of outdoor activities!

Or even better, go on a trip a little further afield. You can check-in to sports in Lisbon, Valencia, Paris, Madrid, Rome and tons more cities across Europe! Yoga on the beach, surfing on the Atlantic – it’s all possible with your USC membership.

Whether you try bootcamp in Berlin, bouldering in Barcelona, parkour in Paris or surfing in Sintra, with USC you can make the most of the spring months, get fit and spend time with your friends – all at the same time!


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