How to alleviate tension in the workplace

We all know that feeling after a long day in the office – pinches, tension in your back or neck and a headache behind the eyes that doesn’t seem to go away. It’s unpleasant, but unavoidable, right? Wrong! Our friends at STRYVE know exactly what you’re going through and have collated some useful tips and tricks to help you fight off stress in the workplace.

way to work by bicycle

1. Concentrate on the commute

Driving to work in your car doesn’t only pollute the environment but it leads to stress too. The way you sit, static and tense in a car, can affect your back health. That’s why we recommend you bike to work instead – this will keep your body energised and activated – all before you sit at your desk, setting you up for a healthy, happy day. 

ergonomic workplace

2. Sit smart

Often we sit in the same place all day so aches and pains build up and we don’t move enough to alleviate them. Sitting at a fixed workstation is one of the main causes of back tension, which is why we recommend using an alternative seating arrangement. For example you could sit on a STRYVE exercise ball – it’ll keep your body activated and will relieve headaches as your eyes won’t be staring at a fixed space all day long. 

Yoga relaxation

3. Observe your body

Perhaps you’ve noticed how stress and tension cause your shoulder muscles to contract. It’s only when you actively concentrate that your back is able to relax which is why it’s vital you initate relaxation throughout the day. While you sit at your desk you should circle your shoulders to keep the muscles active and back relaxed.

trigger point

4. The trigger method

If you’re finding it hard to reduce tension, there are several treatment methods you can use. A very effective method is the trigger point treatment. You’ll need a ball and a little fingertip sensitivity. Find the point of tension and press with some force until the muscles relax. Then the healing process can begin. 

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to prevent and counteract tension. And remember – the most important thing is that you listen to your body and act immediately if you notice something isn’t right.

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