Why porridge is the best pre-workout breakfast

As many of us know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether you spend your days at school, at university or in the office, it’s vital to have a healthy and tasty start to your day. Breakfast gives you energy and fuels your performance all day long – which is especially important if you’re an Urban Sports Club member and have lots of activities planned into your schedule.

Although sugary cereals and pastries in the morning are delicious, they don’t offer a huge amount of nutritional value. A high-sugar breakfast will give you energy for a couple of hours but this will dip and you’ll crash long before lunch. As soon as those insulin levels drop you’ll be reaching for the snack cupboard in an attempt to regain that much-needed energy.

As a result it’s super important to be smart about what you eat for breakfast. Making sure your meal is made from whole food products is important as it keeps your blood sugar levels consistent and gives you energy for a prolonged period of time. Make sure your breakfast is made with nutritious, light and digestible grains and spice it up with different types of fruit, nuts and seeds.

That’s why the best breakfast you can possibly eat before your workout is classic porridge. Heat your oat flakes with milk or soak them overnight in the fridge. Soaking the oats overnight makes the porridge extra digestible so our stomachs don’t have to work so hard.

Here we share our favourite Overnight Oats recipe with you so you can feel the benefits of a healthy breakfast every day. Want to make your porridge portable? Then treat yourself to one of our 3Bears Porridge Overnight Oats Jar.  

Summer Overnight Oats in a jar

10 minutes | serves 2

For the oats

50g 3Bears Porridge Fruity Coconut
100ml coconut milk

For the topping

½ mango chopped into small pieces
100g blueberries
50g red currants
Juice of half a lemon
Optional: puffed amaranth, coconut chips


  • Mix the porridge with the coconut milk in the Overnight Oats jar.
  • Put it in the fridge with the lid on and leave to soak overnight (at least 6 hours).
  • The following day mix the berries, mango and lemon juice together into a fruit salad.
  • Top the Overnight Oats with the fresh fruit salad and garnish with amaranth and coconut chips as desired.

Tip: For extra protein you can stir low-fat curd cheese into the oat-coconut milk mixture

Author: Leah from 3Bears / Porridge. Just right / www.3Bears.de

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