#SafeSportsClub: How to get through the crisis in a safe and healthy way

It’s Corona times in Germany and we’re in the midst of a second lockdown to help contain the spread of the pandemic. The measures, rolled out in November, once again present us with the challenge of contact restrictions and home office. Sadly the gyms will be closed for the time being, so training cannot take place on-site.

If you don’t feel like jogging on the wet slippery ground in the darkness as the temperatures drop, then we suggest you work out via live online classes in your living room.

Whether Pilates, dancing, yoga or functional training, there’s nothing to stop you training in the comfort of your own home!

Taking time out for sport is more important than ever. Exercise isn’t just good for your body, but it’s great for your mind – plus regular training and a healthy and balanced diet keeps your immune system strong.

Read how to eat yourself fit here.

Play fair against Corona

We need to act responsibly. When you protect yourself, you protect others. If we all act consciously now, we can slow the spread of the virus and overcome the crisis together. In our “Guide to staying even more balanced, energetic, healthy and/or safe…during Corona times” we summarize how you can get through the crisis in a safe and healthy way to protect others. Laughter is guaranteed and doesn’t have any side effects – promise!

Chapter 1 – Stay cool & calm

Keep calm despite external influence, and don’t let negative emotions throw you off track. Just take a deep breath and relax!

Chapter 2 – Keep your distance in the office

Shaking hands, especially in the office, is a thing of the past! But that doesn’t mean you have to do without physical contact altogether. A brisk elbow greeting is the new “hello” between colleagues.

Chapter 3 – Eat healthy food

A healthy and balanced diet strengthens your immune system and that’s a fact. So take note of your eating habits and eat tons of fresh fruits and vegetables – even if your mouth and nose are covered 😉

Chapter 4 – Social Distancing – Keep on dancing at home

Do you miss dancing through the night to pumping music and the laughter and anticipation of pre-hangs with friends? You can still dance happily at home, and if you want company then book a live online dance class and make a virtual date with your friends or colleagues! 

Chapter 5 – Handwashing – count and meditate

Right now, handwashing is the order of the day. Our next clip will show you how to reach the recommended 20 – 30 seconds.

Chapter 6 – Where possible, wear a mask in public

Bringing your mask when you leave home should become second nature to you. Some people don’t always succeed – in this case, unfortunately, you’ll have to stay outside! So, plan ahead and don’t run the risk of forgetting it!

Chapter 7 – Stay active, stay healthy and flatten the curve

If you’re spending lots of time at home to help flatten the Corona curve, make sure you stay active to help flatten your own curves!

We hope these tips will help get you through the crisis in a safe and healthy way. If everyone sticks to them, we can look forward to better times when the gyms are open and we can enjoy our favourite classes again.

Something to add? If you have tips to get through the pandemic in a balanced, healthy and safe way, feel free to write your suggestions in the comments. We’re excited to hear your ideas! 


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