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Time chez toi can be great for tackling spring-cleaning, rearranging your furniture or even to finally getting started on your tax returns. But what happens when you’ve already done everything on your to-do list and just want to unwind? We have a few tips for you on how to optimize your “down” time. Here are our recommendations for films, series, books and playlists about our favorite topic: sports and motivation! So just press “Play” and off you go:

5 Inspirational Films and Series About Sports

The Longest Yard

In this comedy, Adam Sandler plays a former NFL football player who ends up in prison. Together with his cellmate, they decide to pit a team of inmates against the prison guards in a football match.

Million Dollar Baby

This Oscar-winning film takes place in the boxing ring and tells the tale of a passionate boxer’s (Hillary Swank) rocky rise to fame, with her trainer, played by Clint Eastwood. This masterpiece is a story of hard training, self-acceptance and overcoming the odds.


This documentary series reflects the everyday lives of a cheerleading team in Texas. You won’t be able to look away once you see the choreography. The series also explores how the sport has changed over the years and the complex personalities that define it today. Director Greg Whiteley describes these cheerleaders as the strongest athletes he has ever witnessed in front of the camera.

Friday Night Lights

This cult series takes place in the middle of a small Texan town where a high school football team fights against prejudices. Driven by the ambition to take part in the national championships, the team must face many obstacles, but their solidarity is their greatest strength.


This film is based on a true story: Brad Pitt, the team manager of Oakland Athletics, saves a baseball team from the brink. After all the good players join a prestigious club, Pitt and an economist from Yale develop a theory that revolutionizes the training method of one of the most popular US sports in the world.

*All above films and series available on Netflix.

The Best Music Playlists

Urban Sports Club

Our first playlist, compiled by our very own team, is now available for you! Follow us on Instagram and send us your favorite workout hits too! We will include them in our next playlist.

Michelle Obama’s Workout Playlist

Michelle Obama made the former first couple’s love for music official when she posted her workout playlist on instagram:

Feel the Boost From Adidas

Adidas is here to help motivate you to do your home workout. Here is their electro mix to get you moving:

Cardio Training From Spotify

Thanks to this super energetic playlist, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and squats will soon be doing themselves on their own:

Ambient Relaxation From Spotify

To accompany your meditation, yoga or relaxation practice, check out the Spotify playlist for Ambient Relaxation:

4 Books to Tune Out With

Ali: A Life

Muhammad Ali is a legend who has inspired us for generations. This book by journalist Jonathan Eig describes his multifaceted biography—from the rebel Ali once was to the unbeatable victor. At the same time, Eig portrays the development of American society in the 1960s and 70s.

Kaizen: The Japanese Secret to Lasting Change

In Japanese, Kaizen means “continuous improvement”. And according to Sarah Harvey, that’s what you want to progress in your life. Originally developed as a concept for business, this book shows how kaizen can be applied perfectly to all areas of life: from health and work to relationships and personal development.

Shoe Dog

Between sports, business and success, Nike co-founder Phil Knight tells his story. As an athlete who always wanted to start a business, he talks about the birth of one of the most important and successful brands in the fitness sector. A visionary and entrepreneur, Phil Knight reveals the key to his success.

One Simple Thing

Here, Eddie Stern explains the science behind why yoga can help you find your balance in life. This book draws on both a decade of experience (Eddie Stern is himself an Ashtanga yoga teacher) and scientific research to describe the effects of regular yoga practice on our body and brain. 

To get back on track after a book time-out or a series marathon, simply take advantage of our extensive and growing offer of online classes.

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