Fitness holidays: a dream trip on a sailing yacht

The summer holidays are approaching and it’s almost time for your annual vacation. For many of us our dream holiday is all about relaxing by the pool and thrice daily feasts at the hotel buffet. And it is a dream – until you get home, look in the mirror and it turns into your nightmare. But after working so hard to get beach-ready, why throw it all away? Our friends at Sailsquare have found the perfect solution: go on a sailing trip!

A sailing trip is the perfect way to completely switch off, recharge your batteries and stay in shape. So do something good for your body and mind and spend your holidays on a sailing yacht.

A boat holiday might seem unusual but trust us – a sailing trip is suitable for everybody. Whether you like running or yoga, CrossFit or Pilates, you can take part in tons of activities on your sailing holiday.

5 reasons why a sailing holiday is great for your health

Fresh & tasty: Healthy food for connoisseurs

Before you set sail you and your crew will stock up on provisions for your holiday. You’ll go on a big shop together and can buy fresh, regional fruit and vegetables to make delicious and healthy dishes.

The best bit: The catch of the day

You can go fishing during the day and catch your main meal to be cooked or barbecued on a remote beach at sunset. So your sailing holiday isn’t just great for your fitness, it’s the perfect set-up for good nutrition too!

Morning fitness in paradise

Your sailing holiday is all about sun, beach and sea. So it’s only natural to wake up and jump straight into the refreshing sea water. Swim out and enjoy having the ocean to yourself – without having to share the beach with thousands of tourists. Then hop back on board and enjoy a healthy breakfast with fresh fruit and scrambled eggs. Start the day in a healthy way!

Power up while sailing

Strengthened and full of energy you’re now ready for your first sailing excursion. While you hoist and crank the sails together with your crew, you’ll learn how to master the boat without even noticing that you’re training your entire body and working every muscle.

Endless discoveries

Once you’ve arrived at your destination for the day it’s time to hop off the boat and explore your surroundings. Each sailing destination has its own unique characteristics: from caving and coastal walks to mountain biking, surfing courses, snorkelling and diving, you’ll try a different activity every day. There’s no such thing as boredom!

Yoga or stand-up paddling at sunset

You can end your day with a stand-up paddle sunset tour or a yoga lesson on a secluded beach. Afterwards a healthy dinner awaits you – the perfect time to drink a toast to your unforgettable holiday.


Does this sound like your kind of adventure? We’ve teamed up with Sailsquare for you to win two places on board a dream sailing holiday!

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