WorkOUT Life Balance meets Meditation

Are you able to keep a cool head in stressful situations? Do disruptive thoughts distract you even when you’re trying to concentrate? Staying calm and finding peace and serenity is a dream for many people, because all too often we get caught up with piles of stressful work, wandering thoughts and unproductive days. 

All this can be exhausting. It takes your energy and leads to burnout. However if you have a consistent fitness routine you’re already on the right path to a less stressful life. Loads of the sports we offer are meditative in themselves: yoga, boxing, bouldering, even swimming. But the next step to complete the peace process is to combine this routine with mindfulness training. That way you can truly master every day life and perform at your very best every day. Don’t just train your body, train your mind!

Ask yourself: What do I want to achieve?

Setting goals is a big part of life whether at work, in relationships or in sports. Maybe you just want to get fitter, set a new sprint record or finally perfect that tricky yoga stance. Whatever it is, a clear mind is vital in order to focus on setting, implementing and cementing your plans and habits. Through regular meditation you’ll learn how to concentrate on your inner being and the path you need to take will become clearer and easier to follow. Because you’re focusing on yourself.

The Flow Experience

Have you ever had a moment, whether during yoga, running, swimming or even drawing, where you’re totally focused and in the moment? As though your mind and body are so connected you’re barely conscious of your movements? That’s what we call the flow state.

This state is fantastic for your mental wellbeing! It’s a time where you aren’t bombarded with disturbing thoughts or concerns and it’s this  state of mind that you’ll reach when you meditate. Meditation helps you experience and promote this flow state and by observing your breathing you learn to put your focus on yourself so the outside world fades away. 

Conscious Regeneration

Is sport your passion? Do you love your fitness routine and look forward to your next workout? For those of us who live and breath sports, suffering from an injury is all the more difficult – because there’s nothing to do but sit and wait for it to heal. 

But there is something you can do: meditate! Not only is a great way to still your mind but it’s proven to help with regeneration. Strengthen your self-compassion and accept what your body is saying. It needs a break, so give it a rest. And understand that this doesn’t mean you need to feel frustrated. Meditation will boost your mood and help prepare for your return to your training routine. 

Regeneration is important for everybody, whatever your fitness routine. Your body always needs time to recover so in order to maintain your motivation on the no-training days, take some time to meditate. Because your mind-muscles need to be trained, too! 

Live up to your potential!

A balanced, healthy diet is an important factor when it comes to maximising your sports performance. Without a healthy and balanced diet full of superfoods and nutrients your body won’t be able to perform at it’s best. So in order to reach your full potential in sports and mindfulness make sure you focus on your diet, too. 

We’re delighted to have teamed up with Headspace. With their app your mindfulness meditation will always be in your pocket ready and waiting for when your brain needs a break. Strengthen your ability to concentrate, keep calm and reduce stress with their short guided meditations.

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