Summer plans on hold? 5 places to go surfing in Germany

Although borders across Europe are open once again, most German’s would prefer to holiday from home this year rather than travel abroad. It might seem that our usual fun summer activities would be on hold then, right? Wrong!

There are tons of ways you can get that holiday feeling from within German borders – although you’ll have to know where to look. From a single wave in Munich to the shores of the Ostsee – Germany is a surfer’s paradise if you don’t mind being a little unorthodox in your approach.

Here are some of our favourite ways to get some surf practice in Germany, so you can hit those waves in Portugal, Bali or Hawaii like a pro when you’re ready to travel again…

1. The Pearl of the North Sea

The Isle of Anrum is one of the best places to go surfing in Germany. The beach is part of the national park of Schleswig-Holstein’s Wattenmeer which is on a small island in the North Sea, close to Denmark.

Brown sand photo

The waves here are great for beginners – not too big, not too small – and there are several surf schools to choose from if you’re a total beginner. The beaches are expansive and, with one of the largest sandbars in Germany, is rarely overcrowded which makes it perfect for relaxing, too!

2. Surf in the centre of Munich

The Eisbach is a man made river in the centre of Munich. It’s about 2km long and flows right through the Englischer Garten, one of the most beautiful gardens in Germany.

But there’s something extra special about this river – in the center of it is a perfect wave that surfers and tourists alike have been enjoying for over 40 years. It’s considered the most consistent spot for river surfing in Europe.

Surfer in Eisbach, Munich

This one’s for the experienced surfers – the rushing waters mean you have to be poised, balanced and totally in control of your board if you want to stay upright.

Even professionals lose their balance the first few tries – but there’s no better way to practice surfing than on the fast moving-Eisbach! Watch this video by Vans to find out more.

3. Surf yoga with BBalance Yoga

Are you keen to get better at yoga but you’re not quite ready to hit the water? We have the perfect solution for you! BBalance Yoga in Munich has a course specifically for those looking to strengthen their surfing postures and the muscles needed to stand up on the board and maintain balance while surfing.

Women doing yoga on a surfboard

The teachers at BBalance Yoga have designed a course that combines asanas, breathing and stretches perfectly designed for aspiring surfers. But if you’re not interested in hitting the water just yet, don’t worry!

The class is great for anyone looking to strengthen their core and stretch out those hard to reach muscles. Surf’s up, yogis!

4. Check-in for surf lessons in Rostock

Rostock is a coastal city on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Green Tree on the beach

The city is close to Warnemünde Beach, one of the best surfing beaches in Germany and home to HW-Surf Surfzelt. This venue is your go-to spot for surf lessons and stand up paddling in Germany.

The team are super friendly and double up as store managers to the shop which sells anything your Watersport heart desires, from long-boards to skim boards to kites for kitesurfing. You can rent all this equipment out too.

So instead of a trip to Mallorca this year, you could head to Rostock and have a week of adventures and activity, learning how to take on the waves in any way you like.

You can also check-in to yoga, fitness, climbing and dozens of other venues while you’re there – it’s the dream holiday, right on your doorstep!

Click here to check out all Urban Sports Club partners in Rostock.

5. Invest in a balance board

There’s no better way to learn how to get on your feet and stay there than purchasing a balance board. Even professionals will say they’re a great way to stay surf-fit while away from the ocean.

You can expect a wooden board, similarly shaped to a surfboard, that balances on a foam roller. You simply distribute your weight evenly on both sides, subtly shifting your balance to manoeuvre the board and adjust to the nuances of your surf posture.

women balancing on a board

A balance board works your core, stability and balance which would be the ultimate accompaniment to your usual sports routine. You can purchase balance boards online here.

Are you interested in taking part in dozens of amazing activities? Check out Urban Sports Club and find out how you can transform your summer!


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