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After months of lockdown, things are finally moving. Little by little, fitness and wellness activities are either opening up or planning to open again in the federal states. So to celebrate this spirit of positivity and our growing desire to do sports, we revised our iOS and Android apps to give you an even better experience. 

The Android app has mainly undergone visual adjustments, while iOS users can now enjoy technical improvements that Android users already have access to. Download the apps from their respective stores, and read this article to find out what exactly has changed and the new features you’ll benefit from. 

Even more inspiring: Discovery screen

With our new Discovery screen, finding new activities and venues has never been easier. You can find the latest activities and venues, explore new types of sport or revisit your favorites quickly and easily.

Even more accessible: Booking Live Classes

You can now book and check in to live classes directly from the app. No need to wait for the emails anymore, although we will still be sending these out in case you prefer to join from your computer rather than the app.

Even more global: Search function

We’ve made some powerful changes to search, making it easier to find venues and activities:

  1. In the past, you could see venues and activities on the map and in the list. However, this was limited by whichever city you selected in your appsettings. Now you can search for your next check-in anywhere on the app, on as well as the closest options to your current location. 
  2. There’s no need to change the city in your settings to explore venues and activities in a different location. Simply select where you’re looking to be active whenever you start a new search directly on the search screen.
  3. The location pill in the search bar helps you quickly identify where you’re currently searching, whether it’s “around you”, in “Berlin” or any other city, or simply on a selected area of the map.

Even smarter: Filter function

When you’ve found the perfect combination of sports and filters, we’ll store your session for you so you’re ready to start from where you left off next time you visit the app.

Even clearer: Faster calendar

Especially on Android, navigating through the week and building your schedule required some patience and many clicks. We’ve made each calendar accessible with one click from the top of the screen.

The same applies to the schedule of each venue, making it easier than ever to quickly see when classes are taking place.

Even more informative: Detail pages

We reorganised the information we have on each class and venue, so you can find the most important information in a glance.

Book a class or quickly access the venue schedule with one tap.

Even more aesthetic: Look & Feel

You’ll notice our new brand symbol: We call it UNICON – a symbol in the shape of a coat of arms that represents our Urban Sports Club community. We used vibrant and diverse colors to illustrate the joy of sports and the versatility of our activities. In this way we hope our new visual identity inspires you to be part of our movement.

Any questions left?

You can find more information in our FAQs.

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  1. Hi,
    So happy with this update. I have a question.
    Let’s say I will travel for example to Mexico but I want to continue working out. Could I book my workouts in advance and stream them? Or could I just simply do it as usual?
    Many thanks in advance

    1. Hey Lorena, thanks for your comment. You can use your membership as usual. You have just need to pay attention to the time difference themselves, since it will be a livestream they have to login at the given time.
      Greetings your Urban Sports Team

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