Interview with an ex-army trainer and founder

After our full-body-burn TRX workout we caught up with our trainer and founder of Get Impulse, Roy, to learn more about his training techniques and advice for USC members…  

USC: Hi Roy! Tell us a bit about your background with sports.

Hi! I’m Roy, I’m 28 and have been working in fitness for over 16 years. I started out as a businessman working in various fitness studios where I learnt about the diverse range of fitness possibilities there are.

I liked being able to help people reach their goals – lose weight, build up muscle, tone up – even helping with back pain.  

USC: How did you develop your style of training?

I used to be in the army which is where I learnt how to run with weights and learnt loads about fitness and functional training. I enjoyed pushing myself, motivating others and seeing results developing and that’s still my passion today. I wanted to continue doing this after I finished army service.  

USC: How did you open this studio?

I worked as a branch manager in an EMS studio for six year, built up the business there and gained a lot of experience. But although I think the concept of EMS is great, pure static training with your own bodyweight is not enough. So I developed this concept over two or three years and then implemented it here in Get-Impulse Moabit. Everything you see here is part of that vision – devices, weights, cardio training, TRX ropes, weights.  

USC: What’s your role at the studio?

I am the managing director but I love to train people and take care of everything on site. I also have a manager who takes care of the business side of things behind the scenes.

USC: Did you always want to work in fitness?

Growing up everyone I knew wanted to be an astronaut or a fireman or a baker, but not me. There wasn’t much information on working in the fitness industry at the time, but it’s great to see the amount of opportunities growing. When I was young I played a lot of football, karate – lots of sports and activities. It always made me happy so I knew I wanted to make my living from it.  

USC: Do you prefer to train your customers with EMS or TRX?

That always depends on their goals. If they don’t have much time, they have back problems or if they are new to exercise, it’s always better to start with EMS. You train statically and you can target problem areas in a short space of time.

With TRX and functional training people usually have a certain level of fitness. I like training people in groups, but my technique and recommendations are always tailored to the personal needs of the customer.  

If you’d like to try it for yourself we have plenty of EMS partners across Germany, Italy and France.

And you can book your training session directly through Get Impulse’s website.


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