Meet the award-winning, pole-dancing couple

After our invigorating pole workout, we caught up with Katja, co-founder of Pole Stars Berlin, to learn more about the studio, the art and her extraordinary sporting background…  

USC: Tell us a bit about why you opened Pole Stars Berlin?

My husband (Roman) and I started pole dancing in 2014. We started out dancing as a couple – we wanted to try something new and and we noticed there weren’t many doubles competing in pole-dancing. We went to all the studios in Berlin and weren’t so happy with them. One was too far away, the other had low ceilings…  So in 2015 we opened Pole Stars.  

USC: So you said competing, do you mean in competitions?

Yes. We started pole dancing in 2014 but before that we were both in the circus. Roman was in the circus for 15 years doing acrobatics, chains, straps and flying trapeze. I specialised in aerial acrobatics. Together we were in the Zirkus Des Horrors and he was in the Flic-Flac circus.  

We started pole dancing in March 2014 and we came 3rd in the World Championship in December that year. Our background meant that we already had the power and flexibility, so we knew we’d be able to do it.  

USC: Wow. So you knew you’d both be pretty good at pole-dancing…

Yes. We’re both competitive people, so we started pole-dancing with the view to enter competitions straight away.  

USC: What makes Pole Stars different to other studios?

We have a real focus on training for competitions as well as a focus on fitness. There’s only one other studio in Berlin that trains people to compete. We train many kids to go into the German Nationals, a few of them have already won medals.

We also have a range of different classes – pole fitness classes are a great workout, while exotic dance lessons teaches the sexy, elegant style dancing that we all associate with pole. We also have Breakletics which is aerobics with break dancing and many more classes.

USC: What are the health benefits to pole dancing?

You work on a lot of muscle groups, especially your core, your shoulders, arms and your legs. After a while you get a really toned body. You need to grip with your your glutes and ham strings so the girls who pole dance for many years have really amazing booties.  

USC: Do many men pole dance?

Here in Germany not so many. My husband does, and he trains two or three guys. I know of only one other man in Berlin who trains for competitions. It’s huge for men in Moscow, but in Germany people still see it as dancing art – so men think it’s only for women which isn’t true. It involves a lot of strength, skill and technique and it’s great for both men and women.

USC: So if you’re a young man in Germany and you want to be a superstar athlete, pole dancing would be a really good idea?


USC: What have been your proudest moments since you opened Pole Stars?

When the people we train win competitions. We’re also proud of our own medals. I think what we are most happy about is our focus on technique. We really explain everything step by step. We guide our members and teach them how to be the very best. And we love to see people leave with a smile on their faces!  

USC: Do you have events or news you’d like to share?

Yes we have regular workshops in our studio. We invite pole dancing stars to give workshops – most recently we had a “Get Sexy” workshop. In May we’ve invited an exotic dancer from Moscow to run an event, and we will also be travelling to cities outside of Berlin to give our own workshops. Roman is an acrobat so he can teach people how to do flips and wheels on the pole, even if you’ve never been able to do it before.  

USC: What sport and fitness tips would you give to USC readers?

Even if you don’t feel like doing sport, just keep going. And if you’re feeling bored you can always discover something new with USC. So my advice is stay tuned and keep going.

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