Finally – it’s time to experience sport again!

That feeling. Again. This isn’t just the name of our reopening campaign, it encapsulates our attitude to life now that on-site classes are back!

Sports plays an important role in our lives and is an integral part of our daily routine. Working out helps us relieve stress, recharge our batteries and have fun with friends and colleagues.

The restrictions over the past months have taken a lot of patience and made our usual sport routines impossible. But we made the best of it and waited it out, doing sports online in the meantime. And now, finally, the time has come.

Now most of our partner venues have reopened, Urban Sports Club members can once again experience their favorite sports on-site! That’s right – real life interactions with coaches and sports buddies, not to mention all the equipment you missed so much!
But this is about more than returning to your beloved sport routines – now’s the time to step out of your comfort zone and take on new sporting challenges. So try something totally new and get inspired for your Summer of Sports!

Fun in the sun: Outdoor sports

Swimming, climbing and ball sports – now sports enthusiasts can get fit outdoors again! Diving into the cool water and doing laps is possible again at outdoor pools such as Berlin’s Sommerbad Olympiastadion in Berlin.

That feeling. Again. Swimming

Pure climbing fun awaits you at South Rock in Germany’s capital! With a large outdoor area, this climbing paradise invites you to scale the walls and have fun with ever-changing bouldering routes – whether alone or in a team.
Tennis enthusiasts can play in the open air at Sport Insel Taufkirchen in Munich, and for those who prefer to swing a golf club, TinCup Golfanlage near Cologne is the place to be. Here you can work on your handicap or learn new techniques.

Equipment heroes: Indoor Fitness

Fitness studios are back! Let’s be honest, our home gyms couldn’t quite compare. Tons of strength training, circuit training and HIIT classes await you, including Body + Soul studios in Munich, where equipment is key – plus you can chill out in their large wellness area after your workout. JONNY M. is a new fitness lifestyle studio chains in Stuttgart and the surrounding area where you can work out to your heart’s content.

That feeling. Again. JONNY M.

Body & Mind: Dancing and Yoga

Enjoy limitless dance possibilities with Tanzfabrik in Berlin, and train at home or in the spacious studio. Here you can keep fit with a variety of dance styles and channel your emotions into dance steps. This will clear your head and make you feel amazing.

In Berlin’s Pole Flow studio you can practice dance moves on the pole again. Whether you want to work on flexibility, build strength or learn how to move your body in a sexy way – pole dancing is becoming everyone’s favourite new sport.

For all the yogis out there who want to push their limits, Aerial Yoga is back. Go to Flair Studios in Berlin to bend, stretch and flex in the silks or with hoops, and give your brain a workout with Aerial Meditation – great for your physical and mental fitness. 

Yoga beginners will benefit from professional instruction on site at Hi!Yoga locations in Berlin. Here you can practice numerous yoga styles accompanied by electro beats, including a very special Techno Yoga flow class.

That vacation feeling

When the temperature gets hot, just dive into the water and have fun with wakeboarding and water skiing. 

And don’t forget, you can always combine your vacation with sports. Urban Sports Club has hundreds of partners across Europe, so you won’t miss a sporty beat even on holiday. Check in with your Urban Sports Club membership for sports and wellness in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium! You can even go surfing on the Portuguese Atlantic coast in Porto at our partner Fish Surf School Porto Matasinhos!

That feeling. Again. Surfing.

High time for big feelings

It’s time to feel again. Let’s soak up the joy of sport and celebrate by sharing our sporting successes. Rediscover yourself and find out what makes you happy. We’ve waited long enough – now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. 

That feeling. Again.


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