Cultural sports diversity – the most popular Urban Sports Club activities by country

When it comes to cultural sports trends, every country is different. So today we want to give you an insight beyond the usual activities in your area and help you find sports inspiration by discovering the most popular activities in every Urban Sports Club country. Whether it’s on your next vacation (under Corona hygiene regulations of course) or in your own home, you can try these European summer trend sports whenever and wherever you like!

French spinning flair


Let’s start with Germany’s neighbour France where spinning is incredibly popular. With a top-of-the-range bike, a great playlist and motivational coaches they know how to push you to the limit. So now you know that Paris isn’t just the city of love – it’s also the secret capital of spinning. Try it out now with a visit to our Paris spin partner Kiwill!

Spanish SUP Yoga trend

SUP Yoga

Most of our members have already tried yoga, but have you tried it on a SUP board? What feels easy on land suddenly becomes very challenging on the water. It takes a lot of practice to keep your balance during the asanas but this is great for your body – the balance required trains deep muscle groups that you wouldn’t usually reach, which makes it a truly intense whole-body workout. The best place to try this out is with our partner Sea You in the beautiful metropolis and port city of Barcelona. Afterwards, you can reward yourself with some delicious tapas. 

Portuguese Padel fever


If you thought Portugal was all about soccer and Cristiano Ronaldo, you’re wrong! In fact, padel is one of the most popular sports in Portugal. For those who don’t know, it’s played indoors or outdoors, is a mix of tennis and squash and requires four players. Padel has its own unique rules, requires a lot of movement and is a ton of fun! So go ahead and try it out with your friends or family in Lisbon’s Rackets Pro Clube EUL.

Belgian fitness hype


There’s more to Belgium than chocolate and French Fries – in fact, Belgium is a very active nation. They spend a lot of time in the gym, enjoying equipment-based workouts, one-on-one training with personal coaches, fitness classes and relaxation in wellness areas. [email protected] Hubert is the place to power up and recharge your batteries with challenging and exhilarating workouts.

German swimming fun


In Germany swimming is one of the most popular sports, especially in the summer months. There are tons of beaches and outdoor pools where you can refresh yourself in the cool water and sunbathe on the lawn or sand in between swimming sessions. You can enjoy a short vacation from everyday life in Berlin and get that special summer feeling at Badeschiff, a pool in the Spree River. Meanwhile in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg you can chill out on the sandy beach at ARRIBA Strandbad

Wherever you’re vacationing this summer, and whatever activity you want to try – check in with our numerous partners across Europe for sports and relaxation. It’s a great way to add more exercise to your well-deserved time off, it’ll get you out of your comfort zone and help you discover new places. And if you’re spending the summer at home, find some great activities near you here.


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