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It can be daunting trying a new workout, so each week we send members of the USC team to try out a different activity so you know exactly what to expect. Up this week we gyrated, we twerked and we screamed (a lot.) Ladies and gentlemen… Booty Therapy.


What is Booty Therapy?

Booty Therapy is a dance concept created by Maïmouna Coulibaly in her hometown of Paris. The dance class aims to make you move your ass and take control of your femininity. The dance takes elements of Ragga Dancehall, N’Dombolo, Kuduro, Naïja and other forms of Afro-Urban dance to help you “shake out all your worries.”


What can you expect?

Booty Therapy is held in X-Step, a dance school in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. Maïmouna has recently moved to Berlin so this is just her second class here. Even so there are about 8 women attending and ready to shake their booties.


How was the workout?

Maïmouna is very charismatic and her enthusiasm for dance is contagious. She explains that this class is all about our hips, pelvis and booties.

After a brief warm-up of running in circles, high knees and side steps we begin by moving our booties to some high-energy songs. We attempt to copy everything Maïmouna does. She begins by moving her hips in circles. This part of my body isn’t very flexible – it takes a while to warm up and move fluidly. Maïmouna then starts twerking violently, then drops to the floor where she continues to gyrate at a 90 degree angle with her booty up in the air. The rest of the class follows, I try and then collapse with laughter.

Maïmouna then walks us through our first sequence. We put our hands on our hips, circle our booties, then on our heads, then we scream (“Let go of any trauma and just release,” Maïmouna tells us), then we turn around, back up and do it all over again.

We practice this sequence and then split into groups. “Focus on a project that you want to recognise or focus on a problem or trauma that you want to face up to. Now scream.” While one half of the class screams the other shakes their booties.

Then it was time to twerk. Maïmouna shows us a sequence that combines twerking, daggering and grinding on the floor. For part of this sequence we have our legs stretched almost into the splits and our elbows on the floor. It’s as uncomfortable as you can imagine.

To finish off our class we run through every sequence we’d learnt accompanied by some high-energy bangers. Then Maïmouna dims the lights and we form a circle and have a dance-off, where one person free-styles in the middle while everyone else whoops and claps encouragement. Once we’d all done some freestyle booty-shaking, Maïmouna takes centre stage and literally balances on her head and twerks upside down.


How did I feel after?

I felt like I’d released a lot of stress and emotions from all the screaming and gyrating.

I felt physically exhausted – you really sweat in this class and it’s an excellent cardio workout.

The next day my pelvis and groin area felt stiff because all of those hip opening exercises from twerking at a 90 degree angle on the floor.


Benefits of Booty Therapy

Booty Therapy will tone up your booty.

This class will lift your mood, guaranteed.

It’s all about empowerment and taking control over your body. The atmosphere in the class is encouraging, warm and supportive.

The hip-opening exercises will improve your flexibility and mobility.

It improves your confidence, promotes body-positivity and you’ll be able to tear up the dance floor at a moments notice


Don’t forget to bring…

Maïmouna recommends you wear colourful shorts that give your booty space to breathe. Dance in either bare feet or with trainers – and bring water because you are guaranteed to sweat.


Urban Sports Club has many dance partners across Germany, Italy and France. Take a look at our site to see what’s on in your area.

For all classes and to learn more about the concept, take a look at Booty Therapy’s website.

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